Patriot News


 Father’s Day celebrations are happening all over the country, we should all take time to pick up the phone and call our dads. For those who have said goodbye to their fathers a simple trip to the cemetery with flowers shows love and compassion. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, stepdads, granddads, second dads, uncles and friends who have become fathers to all of us.

 Having a pleasant day to spend outside is sometimes hit or miss in Indiana, this past week we had some unbearably hot days and we are in store for more of those in the coming weeks.  If you have to be out and about in the next week remember to stay hydrated, put on that sunscreen, and take regular breaks. As the weather is nice and we are starting to have more cookouts, please remember to have water, fire extinguisher handy, because a small open grill could start a roaring fire in the blink of an eye. The other thing I have noticed a lot lately is the sound of fireworks, I am not sure exactly where they are coming from but if you are enjoying the sparkles in the sky remember just like with fire pits, grills and such please use caution and have plenty of water to put out a mishap if need be.

Fireworks are a time honored tradition on the fourth of July and here in Patriot the tradition is just starting, which is why the town board has asked that people not park at the boat ramp from 12 a.m. on July 2 to 12 a.m. on July 3rd.  The July 2nd celebrations are getting closer and closer. Every week I find out more exciting news about the festivities. From 6 to 8 on  the evening  of July 2nd there will be live music at the four way stop in town, just in time to relax before the grand show. So bring  a lawn chair and come down for some great music.  There will be something going on for all ages throughout the day. It is going to be a day of celebration for sure, and getting back to celebrating with family and friends is something we have all been waiting for. 

The Patriot Independence Day parade is something that brings us back to the normalcy of summer, it’s the celebration we wait for all year. Celebrations

 are happening all over town, from Father’s Day, to graduation parties and summertime birthdays. 

Bev and Mick Mathews would like to wish Chad Jones a happy birthday and happy anniversary to Chad and Kelly, have a wonderful day  celebrating  so many amazing things. 

 As we start into the final weeks of June let’s all be grateful for the wonders of the summer, the times we spend together with family and friends.  Have a blessed and happy week everyone, stay cool.