Patriot News


  Sometimes we have the best of intentions. We make plans to go to the game, the party or just dinner with friends.

  Then things change, that’s what happened to me this week.

  First I want to send a special thank you out to Patti Viers, Barrie Watters and Jill Hutcherson for their understanding and compassion. In the past few weeks and months I have written about the Patriot Alumni dinner and meeting and how excited I was to be going. Unfortunately I wasn’t  able to make it due to personal reasons. I hope and pray everyone had a wonderful time. In the next few weeks I am hoping to have stories to share, so if you are in attendance and have a story you would like to publish let me know.

  I am very sorry for my absence and am grateful for the  opportunity to be a part of a wonderful tradition.

  Traditions are something we all have, whether it be something we do with our families like Sunday dinner at grandma’s. A friends get together once a year to remember the good ole days.

  Traditions are what ground us, in true Patriot tradition — the 4th of July celebration is coming up soon. People will line the street to see the parade which starts at the boat  ramp and makes its way around town. To the memorial park to celebrate the joy of living in a town named patriot on the day we celebrate our freedoms. There will be food trucks and such throughout the day all culminating in a new tradition: the Patriot fireworks. Which is  why the town board has asked that people not park at the boat ramp from Midnight on July 2nd to Midnight on July 3rd. Let’s keep everyone safe and follow the rules for the day.

  As the summer gets into full swing many people will be out and about. We all look forward to cookouts, bonfires and such. We need to take all precautions when having fun outside. Including making sure we are staying hydrated, these past few weeks we have experienced some very warm days and we haven’t made it to the hottest part of the summer yet. Always have water on hand to drink, seek shade if feeling like you are overdoing it.

  Enjoying the outside is wonderful, heat exhaustion and sunburn is not. If you have a pool please go over water safety with anyone who will be using it.

  As this long weekend comes and goes I hope and pray that everyone had a wonderful time. Let us remember the reason we celebrate Memorial Day. For the men and women serve our nation and never return home. To their family and friends who mourn on this holiday take a moment to show them your gratitude.

  ‘Thank you’ are two small words but they mean a lot.

  Have a wonderful week everyone