Patriot News


  A mother’s love is what we celebrate on Mothers Day. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. It sure turned out to be a beautiful day.

  Patriot Baptist Church handed out flowers to all mom’s in attendance. People all around town celebrated with family and friends. It was a glorious Sunday for sure. Happy Mothers Day to all moms,mother in-laws, adopted, second moms and grandmas out there. The statement: “There is no truer love than that of a mother” is one of the most beautiful proclamations to ever be made. She will hold you when you’re crying, laugh at life’s silly moments. Praise your success and help you through trials. If you are blessed to still have a mom in your life don’t just celebrate her on one day a year, celebrate her all the time.

  We have lots to celebrate in the next few weeks. The Patriot High School Alumni dinner is getting closer. May 28th will be here sooner than you think. If you haven’t made your reservations yet, please do so. I am excited to be going this year to let everyone know how much fun the classes of Patriot High School have had not only recently but also in years past.

  The Patriot/Posey Fire Department is celebrating this week as they have had some new members pass key exams to help in setting up the fire stations we need here in Patriot. I hope they get more members in the future and all of our emergency management spots are filled. We need these men and women to protect us not only from fire, but during natural disasters as well. If you were in town this past week you probably heard the storm sirens going off, we need to start paying close attention to the sirens and their meaning. Testing should resume on Wednesday here soon.

  This is the time of year when inclement weather threats are on the rise, please be prepared. Have flashlights, batteries, bottled water and keep your phones charged. A tornado can strike in a moment and having a plan in motion is key to safety. Speaking of weather, even with all the rain we have had in the past weeks the ground can become dry and more flammable within a few dry days.

  If you are having bonfires, fire pits or using a grill please take the necessary precautions in order to not start a major fire. It’s nice having a fire department, but we don’t want to have to use them because of carelessness.

  In the next few months I will be starting to post more summer activities, everything from ballgames to Fourth of July events. This week I was asked to mention the “Run for the One,” which is organized by Be the One, which will be taking place on May 21st at Concord Community church. Be the One is an organization who helps advocate for children who are waiting to be adopted. If you would like to  participate please go to the eventbrite website to sign up.

  The Town of Patriot has also asked me to start letting people know that the boat ramp will be closed on July 2nd at Midnight to July 3rd at Midnight. In order to protect all involved in the 4th of July celebrations.

  The upcoming ballgames are May 10th and May 17th starting at 6 p.m. at Harris Park.

  I hope everyone had a wonderful week, and enjoyed time with your mom on Sunday. Have a great week!