Patriot News


  As I have mentioned time and time again this time of year is my absolute favorite season. I am not sure if it’s the calmness after a busy summer, the holidays that surround us with family and friends or just that the temperature is a perfect blend of lukewarm days and chill in the air nights. I just really love fall.

  With Halloween this Sunday the end of October is upon us, I have been seeing many people sharing their photos on social media from their adventures at the pumpkin patch. This week we should start to see a lot more carved pumpkins as we approach the spooky night of Halloween. Patriot will be holding trick or treat from  6 to 8 p.m. this Sunday October 31st with a costume judging contest at 5:45 p.m. at the four way stop in town. Please remember if you are handing out candy to turn your porch lights on so children will know which houses to stop by. As of this moment while writing this we are supposed to have a clear night for trick or treat, fingers crossed it stays that way. Please watch out for little ones on the roads, and take it slow when driving through town, I hope everyone has a wonderful time.

  If you have been driving through town lately you have probably noticed lots of changes going on. Some of the houses in town have been torn down in the last few weeks. Please take caution when out and about as things are coming down, the workers are working hard to be as safe as possible and we should all take time to help them and not get in their way. If the road looks blocked we have many side streets that you can get to the main road from, use your discretion as to which way to go.

  The beautification of Patriot is going to take some work, sometimes we have to remove things to help in making things better. As for making things beautiful in town, if anyone sees Jeff and Sue VanSickle around town please let them know what a wonderful job they are doing, not only have they been keeping up with the changing seasons and all the decorations that come with that, they have been helping spruce up in front of Patriot Baptist church. Thank you for all your hard work, everything looks amazing.

  Please remember the town board meeting has been moved from November 2nd to November 4th due to election day. Mike Jones will be presenting to the town board the plan for the fallen veterans memorial stone at the meeting. The following Sunday, November 7th at Patriot Baptist Church they will be celebrating Veterans Day with a special service and luncheon to follow at town hall. Remembering and celebrating our veterans is an important thing. Men and women have not only given their time, but many have given their lives for the basic freedoms we hold near and dear. In the next few weeks take time to thank a veteran.

  Once while walking through the store with my dad who was wearing his Air Force cap, a young man stopped him and said “ thank you for your service sir”  it truly made my dad’s day — to know his time mattered to someone. It only takes a minute to say thank you.

  I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe week. Get out and enjoy trick or treating on Sunday — let’s all remember the feeling of innocence, if just for a moment.