Patriot News


  As the sun set on a small town in southeastern Indiana, the streets were filled with people not only from Patriot but from all over the area.

  Since September 11th, 2002, the town of Patriot has gathered every year to remember all those lost in the tragedy of 9/11. This year was no different, Pastor Mike Jones led a group of about 50 people from town hall around town, passing by the river, following the side streets, across the road, up past the old jail and back to the flag park. Town board members Elizabeth Thomas, Tony Rider and Theresa Winters all mingled into the crowd of people with lit candles as the candlelight service made its way around Patriot.

  The Patriot/ Posey fire department blocked off State Road 250 to keep people safe while the service was being held. Once everyone gathered Mike Jones started the service by talking about his memories of 9/11 and reminding everyone in attendance about the beam that sits in the memorial  park that was part of one of the towers. Pastor Jones then read a scripture that was meaningful and inspirational.

  Once Mike was finished, members of Vevay’s VFW honor guard changed the flags, lowering the old ones  and replacing them with bright new ones. The service by these men and women, with help from some of the youngsters in town was a wonderful tribute. Once the flags were hoisted into the air, a lonely bugle player played taps….. A song that no matter where I am brings a tear to my eye. Everyone was dismissed and headed home.

  Last week in my article I talked about the feeling of September 12th, 2001 and how everyone came together as one. Tonight in Patriot that feeling was once again there. In our everyday lives it is sometimes hard to put aside our feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy and such, but every once in a while we stand together as one town, one nation without hate, grief or resentments….lets all try harder to do that.

  A few weeks ago I had mentioned that the Patriot Baptist Church was starting up Bible Study once again. Due to unforeseen circumstances it has been postponed until October 6th.

  Scout troop 700 was out for a  survival camping trip this weekend, I hope and pray they all had a wonderful and safe time. I hopefully remember to stop by their next meeting to find out how it went.

  This past weekend the Switzerland County Marching Pacers Band took first place at the Kings High School Band competition in Ohio, the band placed first in percussion, visual and general effects. Patriot’s own Rosa Jones is a member of the marching band. Congratulations Rosa and the rest of the Marching Pacers…..keep striving for excellence.

  With the temperature changing all around us, we should keep in mind about autumn colds, and illness going around the area. Also with fall temperatures in the area one thing on my mind is when — hopefully not too soon — should I turn on my furnace. The nights are getting cooler and there is definitely a chill in the air. Take a moment if you heat with propane to go and check your tank levels, order some if you need to, it’s always better to be prepared before we get to the really cold night that are coming in the next few months. Likewise we may also want to check our furnace filters. Those are easily replaced and can help immensely. If your furnace is older it may be time to call in someone to inspect it just to be on the safe side, this also goes for fireplaces, making sure they are cleaned properly could help in avoiding a dangerous situation.

  With the official start of fall just weeks away we should all take a moment and rejoice in the changing of the seasons. Please remember to be kind to one another, pray for each other, and hold onto the feeling of what being part of a wonderful community is all about. Everyone stay safe and enjoy your week.