Patriot News 12/30/2021


  A surprise on Christmas is really nothing new. As children we never know exactly what Santa is going to bring us. As adults we have surprises from family and friends of wonderful gifts and goodies. Then on that rare occasion when we are truly surprised it helps bring back the wonder of Christmas — we felt as a child.

  This Christmas I was met with one of those kinds of miracles. While driving home from Vevay I saw the most vibrant and beautiful double rainbow, from a spotty shower that lasted less than 10 minutes. It was a wonderful reminder of all the goodness in the world and the true meaning of Christmas.

  Here at our house we celebrated after eating a wonderful coffee cake, we handed out gifts and shared in laughter, excitement and joy. It was an amazing day. Earlier in the week the joy of the holiday season was shared with me via letter from Billie Green. Ms. Green along with Ms. Hazel Huffner took lunch to Ms. Dollie Green of Patriot, the three ladies enjoyed an afternoon of laughter, yummy food which included spinach dip with chips, popover pizzas and cherry delight fudge cake the ladies exchanged gifts. This bond has lasted for many, many years and they are hoping that weather permitting, and good health they will be able to start getting together again as in the past.

  I am very thankful to Billie for reaching out to me, I appreciate all the traditions — past and present — residents of Patriot are sharing with me.

  Pat Jones and family went with Mike Jone to see Indiana beat Northern Kentucky University in Bloomington this past week. On Christmas Day Pat, Missy and family went to her brother’s house in Bright to enjoy a wonderful meal and gift exchange.

  As Christmas has come and gone once again it is nice to take time to remember all the ones of the past year, think of the traditions we keep going and the ones we start for the first time this year. As we move past Christmas and head straight into the New Year many of us will start to reflect on how this year has been.

  The last two years have definitely been filled with hardship, sadness and grief for not only many families in Patriot, but all over the world. We are still in the midst of a global pandemic, and should be cautious in our lives going into 2022. Even though I believe that safety should be our priority, I also believe that living and enjoying our lives should take its place as well.

  The New Year is going to be filled with love, happiness and growth all around. Patriot is no different, we have lots of things going on from the ballpark renovation to the fallen soldiers memorial being built and placed. We have a lot to look forward to. Getting back to how things once were  is something we all strive for, and in some ways we have. With progress we always have change, as a community we should reflect on the past while praying for a bright and joyous tomorrow.

  As New Years Eve and New Years Day fall on a Friday and Saturday this year, this is my last article for 2021. This year has been full of ups and downs all over town. I would like to thank the staff of the Vevay Newspaper for the opportunity to let me be a part of your work, and use my contributions to help in the articles for the wonderful people of Patriot, and Switzerland County.

  As we head into 2022 I will be looking forward to hearing from more residents with their adventures, in and around the beautiful town of Patriot.

  Happy New Year everyone. Be careful and see you in 2022.