Patriot News 12/29/2022


  We had quite the winter storm Thursday night into Friday. The snow was pretty, but the frigid temperatures were dangerously low! Hopefully, everyone got through the storm without too much difficulty. We are definitely looking at a white Christmas. Last year, I think we set a record for the highest temperature on Christmas Day!

  Marlene and I traveled to Madison on Wednesday evening to meet family for dinner at the Mi Viejo Restaurant on the hilltop. It is located where the Pines used to be on Michigan Road. We met my cousin Nicole Cook Ficaro and her daughter, Bevyn, from New Orleans. My cousins, Macy and McKenna Cook also joined us. We saw Hannah and Larry Haggard and family and also Elijah Van Norstran and Brittney Roeschlein there!

  Sympathy to the family of former Reds’ pitcher, Tom Browning, who passed away suddenly at his home in Union, Kentucky. Tom is a member of the Reds’ Hall of Fame and won 20 games in his rookie season with the Reds. He finished second that year in NL Rookie of the Year voting to the Cardinals’ Vince Coleman. Tom pitched the 12th perfect game in Major League Baseball history, against the Dodgers in 1988. I had the honor of meeting Tom a few times, and he was always a very friendly guy, and a Reds’ fan favorite.

  A few weeks ago, I wrote about former mail carriers I remember at Patriot. In that column, I wrote about Frank Silvers. Another I recall was Harry (Turk) Gregory. He and his wife, Elnora, lived at the corner of Main (156) and Second Street in town. Turk carried the mail off and on for several years. He always drove Pontiacs, and must have washed his cars at least every other day, as they were always spotless. He always said you needed to scrub those whitewalls good to make the wheels stand out! He and Elnora would take drives in town and the countryside and would always blow the horn if they saw people out in the yard. Great memories.

  Christmas on the farm as a child was always a busy, but exciting time. People would be trying to get the tobacco stripped and taken to the market to hopefully sell before Christmas. My grandfather, Marshall Cook, would always make a trip to Dugle’s High Street Grocery Store in Rising Sun to buy Christmas candy, and also English Walnuts. Owen and Evelyn Dugle sold candy by the pound. Our Christmas Trees were always Cedar, and it was exciting to go out on the farm and pick the perfect one for Christmas. We would always go to Kentucky to my grandmother and Great-Grandmother’s house in Kentucky on Christmas Day. They lived close to Warsaw, and in Sanders for a few years. They would always have a big dinner, looking back, they must have cooked for days to get ready for Christmas! After dinner we would open gifts and sit around and talk. What I would give to go back in time and spend Christmas Day there again! If it snowed, we would go outside sledding, and an occasional snowball fight! We would hurry to get back to the ferry by 6:00 p.m., otherwise we would have to go through Madison or Cincinnati. Christmas seemed simpler back then and also more quality time with family. We were not in a big hurry like we are today. My Great Aunt, Hazel Cook Trinkle, would come visit from Indianapolis, in her Mercury Comet, sometimes bringing our cousins, Kay and Fay White with her. She would make a gift for every family member. She would stay a few days after Christmas. It was always a great time when Aunt Hazel came down!

  Thanks to all of the County and State Highway workers who worked hard during the storm to treat and keep the roads open.

  The recent storm took my mind back to the winter of 1977-1978. The blizzard we had that year was a once in a century or more storm. I was a student at Georgetown College, and remember the snow, the snow drifts from high winds, frigid temperatures, the river being completely frozen, schools being closed for 30 days and lots of water pipes frozen. When you could finally drive to river road, after being opened by bulldozers, it was like driving through a tunnel of snow! That was the same winter that the Patriot school burned and also the frozen river took out Big Bone Island when it began to thaw. Big Bone Island was east of Patriot and quite the tourist attraction during the boating season! I hope we never see a storm like that one again!

  My mother had a nice visit this past week from longtime friends, Dave and Kathy Fouts from Beech Grove.

  My cousin Fay White Boone from Greenwood is traveling with her daughter Jenny, and her grandchildren to Hawaii for a week. Maybe they can bring some warm air back with them! Fay’s mother, Libby Trinkle White grew up just east of Vevay on Plum Creek with her siblings, Vera, Jack, Randall and Eddie. They lived in a little house near where Billy Leap lives now.

  I spoke with former Patriot Varsity Basketball Coach, Wayne Daugherty this week. He is doing better and hoping to be back in the pulpit at Fredonia Baptist Church after the first of the year.

  Sympathy to the family of former Patriot Postmaster, Wanda Scranton. Wanda passed away early Christmas morning after a long battle with cancer. Wanda was our postmaster for several years and made many friends here in the community.

  Hazel Evans Huffner, Billie Green and Mary Lynn Reese came to Dollie Green’s Wednesday for their annual Christmas get together. They enjoyed pizza and desserts.

  Charla Azbell from Indianapolis, traveled on Thursday to Dollie Green’s to attend her aunt, Linda Poling’s funeral along with Dollie, Mary Lynn Reese, and Reesea Jackson.

  Dollie and Mary Lynn Reese went to Madison on Friday with Billie Green, who had a doctor’s appointment. Afterwards they enjoyed the day eating out and shopping in Madison.

  Christmas Day Dinner guests of Dollie Green and Andrew were Mary Lynn Reese, Charla, Drew, Alli and Sam Azbell of Indianapolis. Joe and Reesea Jackson also visited later in the afternoon with Katie Vaughn. A great day was enjoyed by all!

  The Patriot Baptist Church held Christmas Morning Services. They sang Christmas Carols, took Communion, and the sermon for the day was “What does Christmas Mean to you?”

  Leah Jones (my mother) had a nice phone call on Christmas day from Sherri Crawford on Christmas Day. Sherri is the daughter of the late Leon and Pauline Johnson, who were very good friends of my mother. Mom and Pauline used to talk everyday until Pauline’s death a year ago. 

Barrie’s Notes

  In the late 18th Century, a Scotsman, Robert Burns, wrote a poem, “Auld Lange Syne”, in English meaning “Old Lang Since”. Later, in 1799, Scottish composer George Thompson compiled the lyrics and musical notes to produce the world-famous New Year’s song, “Auld Lang Syne”. First verse and chorus in original form:

  “Should auld acquaintances be forgot, and never brought to mind?

  “Should auld acquaintances be forgot and days O’ Lang Syne”!


  For Auld Lang Syne, my dear

  For Auld Lang Syne

  We’ll tak (sic) a cup O’kindness yet

  For Auld Lang Syne,

  A very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2023 my friends.

  And please help with items for the Patriot/Posey News Bits. We are from a proud community and we must remind all the readers of the Reveille of that! Patriot lives and thrives thanks to all of us!

Mike’s Closing

  That is all for this week! We wish everyone a happy and safe New Year’s celebration, and may 2023 be a peaceful and prosperous year! Don’t forget to send news to me at (812) 290-3088 or; or to Barrie at (828) 335-8270 or

  Until next week, in the words of Glen Campbell, remember to try a little kindness, and shine your light for everyone you meet!