Patriot News 12/02/2021


  As Thanksgiving has come and gone, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We celebrated on Monday after Thanksgiving  with our new neighbors and gaming group. As we get older the times of going to grandma’s house for a big family dinner get replaced with our own families, then we move onto friends as our families grow on their own. Even spending the holiday alone with a pet can be a relaxing day, which many of us need. I would like to especially thank all the police officers, firefighters, health care workers and service industry employees  who were unable to take the day off. They are truly the heroes of our time without their dedication to helping and serving the public without them our world would be lost.

  As we come into December lots of things are happening in Patriot. If you have driven down the main road in town you are sure to see decorations going up all over. Sue and Jeff VanSickle have been hard at work getting the town ready for Christmas.

  Patriot Baptist Church is already filling its calendar for the month of December. On Sunday  December 5th, Amanda Samson will be the guest speaker. She is a talented lady with an amazing story to tell. If you are in town you should stop in for the 11 a.m. service. On Sunday, December 19th the church will be holding a birthday party for Jesus at 6 p.m. There is always something happening at Patriot Baptist Church.

  On Saturday, December 18th at 4 p.m. the Town of Patriot will be holding its Annual Community Christmas Dinner at town hall. Everyone is welcomed and is asked to bring a covered dish to share. A special guest from the North Pole will be making a visit. As you can see there is always something going on here.

  As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays roll through people are enjoying time with their families and loved ones. Betty and Carl Hutcherson spent Thanksgiving in Kentucky with their children and grandchildren; while Kathryn Turner had the rest of the family at her house for a wonderful meal.

  Missy Jones and Rosa, along with Missy’s friend Jessica Napier, attended the musical ‘Wicked’ at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati; they followed it up with lunch at Street City Pub.

  I know a number of people including myself started some Christmas shopping whether it be at the stores on Black Friday or via the Internet people are starting to shop shop shop.

  Just as the summer and fall holidays  came and went so will the winter holidays. The time we spend together as family and friends cannot be replaced with a gift… everyone likes to have that special package under the Christmas tree, but let all remember it’s not what we receive, however the memories we make by spending time with the ones we love.  I hope and pray everyone has a wonderful week, and try to make some memories.