Patriot News 11/10/2022


  The streets of Patriot were filled with trick or treaters on Halloween night! It was great to see so many children out! Before the actual trick or treating started, the costume judging was held, and the winners were:

  • Ashlyn Gullion, Most Original, “Hocus Pocus”

  • Bentley Flood, Scariest, “Penny Wise” Clown

  • Jayden Jones, Cutest, “Gnome”

  The Switzerland County Band participated in Division Finals competition at Simon Kenton High School in Independence, Kentucky on Saturday. They did not make the finals, but did a great job participating against 22 other schools. Congratulations on a great year! Patrick and Mason Jones drove and pulled the band trailer to the competition. Rosa Jones of Meades Ridge is a junior in the band and plays the clarinet.

  We were saddened to hear of the passing of Ann McCarty, a Posey Township resident. Ann was a member of the Patriot Baptist Church, and was a very loving and sharing person. Every quarter she provided the church with copies of the devotional, “Our Daily Bread”. She started our practice of sending get well cards from the church signed by church members, and also distributed devotional books to many church members and throughout the community. She volunteered for several years at Switzerland County Elementary School. Ann had been in Northern Virginia for the past couple years near her son Steven and his family. She will certainly be missed in our community. Sympathy to all of her family including Dave and Diane McCarty of Posey Township.

  Remember Walcott’s Grocery, east of Patriot on 156? Raymond and Irene opened the store after he came home from World War II, and they, and their children, ran the business for many years, selling groceries, deli items, hardware, electronics, sporting goods, hunting and fishing licenses, bait, automotive items and gasoline. They were also a deer check-in site for the state, and operated several camping sites along the river. They closed the store in the late 1990’s when they were held up at gunpoint on New Years’ Eve. Many memories there for sure!

  I would be interested in receiving any information about the dances they used to hold in Patriot on the second floor of the Knights of Pythias (KP) Lodge. I have heard so many stories about the dances, including stories about Arthur (Guitar Boogie) Couch who lived on Sand Run. Supposedly, he always kept his dancing shoes ready to go!

  You cannot buy gasoline in Posey Township, but did you know at one time you could buy gas on North Branch Road? Yes, “Cap” Powell had a gas pump in his front yard, and you could pull up and buy gas for your vehicle! He lived in a two-story house that is no longer there. Steve Poling lives on that property now. Cap quit selling gas in the early 1960’s and moved with his dog to Rising Sun.

  By the time this column comes out, the election will be over. The candidates have worked very hard and the voters will decide. Although some candidates will get more votes and be elected to the position, there really are no “losers” in the electoral process. Everyone who puts their name on the ballot helps sustain our democracy. Thanks to all of the candidates and voters who took part in the 2022 campaign process!

  Marlene Jones traveled to Frankfort, Kentucky to visit her mother, Connie Adams on Saturday. Connie is presently in a care center there. She also spent time with her twin sister, Sharlene Batts of Richmond, Kentucky who was also there visiting.

  November 1st was the birthday of my grandmother, Thelma Webster Cook, who passed away in 1989. She was born in Grant County Kentucky in 1915, and moved to Posey Township when she married my grandfather, Marshall Cook. She was a hard worker, milking cows, helping in tobacco and hay, raised a big garden, including her big patch of rhubarb, canning vegetables, making soap, and other chores. She could ride a mule bareback, and taught me to write my name using the margins of the Cincinnati Enquirer for paper. She was able to get me to drink all of my milk by pasting a picture of Elsie the Cow on the bottom of the glass. I had to drink all of the milk to see Elsie! She always told us that “if you don’t have something good to say about someone, don’t say anything”. The world would be much better off today if everyone lived by that creed!

  Congratulations to Dusty Baker and the Astros on winning the World Series. It is Dusty’s first World Series championship as a manager. Dusty came to Vevay several years ago with the Cincinnati Reds’ Caravan and spoke at the Hoosier Theater.

  Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching! Remember to take time to be truly thankful, and practice gratitude!

  The Patriot Baptist Church will hold its annual Veteran Service this Sunday, November 13th at 11 a.m. The guest speaker will be Jack Wickes, retired attorney from Indianapolis, and Vietnam Veteran. There will be a dinner at the Patriot Town Hall following the service. The community, and all veterans are invited!

Barrie’s Notes

  “The leaves have now fallen, I now realize the full value of trees; under them I wine, dine, read, receive my guests, and hide from the sun”. (Thomas Jefferson) Ah, they will return next Spring, and so will I, to beautiful downtown Patriot”.

  Don Bunger, PHS Class of 1951, sent me an email this week. Don and his daughter Donna traveled from their home in Colorado to attend the Patriot Alumni last Spring. He turned 90 a few weeks later and I thought that was very special. Don sent some of his writings to me entitled “Incomplete Writings”. You can read them by emailing Don at He wrote a lot about his beloved “Colorado Rockies”. Pleasant readings!

  I had a long conversation with Jeremy Fisk of Patriot this week. He is expecting a grandchild soon (a boy), and he is proudly awaiting the healthy delivery. Jeremy has embarked on a new career as a chef and bartender at the Rising Sun American Legion. He said he is happy with the job, and is entertained by many of the veterans who “hang there”.

  Sue Fitzerald Boone: hello and I hope you are doing well. I am so sorry about your loss. Sue, a great friend over the years, graduated from PHS in 1966.

  Please call me at (828) 335-8270 or email me with news at with any news or information for the paper!

Mike’s Closing

  That’s all for this week! You can contact me at (812) 290-3088 or at with news. Until next week, in the words of Glen Campbell, remember to “show a little kindness and shine your light for everyone you meet”.