Patriot News 10-6-16


Well this week was a “Good News/Bad News/Sad News/Glad News” week in our community!

Very good news is my best-est buddy and the “P” part of “P & G”, Ms. Patty Chase is doing well after her surgery last week! Everyone has asked and I even got a long distance phone call from her friend Ed Trinkle, but according to Linda Jones who says according to Glenda Sullivan who of course is there in person, our friend is doing well! I did speak with Patty the morning of the surgery but haven’t as yet spoken to the “new and improved” version.

So very sorry to hear of everyone’s friend “Doc” Donald Beckett, DVM passing away on September 30th in Rising Sun at the age of 83. He served residents of Switzerland and Ohio counties and their pets and livestock for over 54 years before retiring just a few years back. I had the privilege of knowing the gentleman and was honored to do so. Bad news for his family and us all that such a valued member of our community has passed away.

Sad News that a local mother has been criminally charged with faking cancer and soliciting donations to cover her non-existent medical bills. Twenty-nine year old Santana Banta from Patriot was arrested on September 30th by the Indiana State Police for Theft (Level 6 Felony) and Deception (Class A Misdemeanor.) Please pray for her children and her family as well as for her own soul.

I am glad that even though Brittany Wallace, age 26 from Vevay, only received two years of probation in exchange for her guilty plea to felony Theft of religious artifacts stolen from the St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Lawrenceburg, her probation will not start until after she satisfies the 12 year sentence given her by Ohio County. She also must pay nearly $10,000 in restitution to the church as well as some individuals. Her co-conspirator is still awaiting trial. They admitted committing the burglaries and thefts to support their heroin addiction.

Again I reiterate how important this year’s election is to us all. It is imperative that we all exercise our right to vote and regardless of which party or candidate we choose, make our votes count. Voter registrations is open until October 11th and remember you can register to vote at the Courthouse and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles license branch offices in Vevay and Rising Sun. This year Posey Township and Patriot voters – along with any qualified voter in the county – can come to the Patriot Town Hall to vote on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 1st and 2nd. On November 1st, voting will be from 8 a.m. to noon. On November 2nd, voting will be from 2-6 p.m. Patriot Town Hall is located at 352 3rd Street at the corner of 3rd and Front Streets and houses the offices of the Patriot Water Company.

Red HOT Hatter hats off to Stasia Wiseman who apparently was the only Red Hatter at last Friday’s musical comedy at the Historic Hoosier Theater! No one could represent us better than Stasia, who just this past week celebrated her 39th birthday! Such a classy lady! Love you, Stasia!

The October meeting of the Red HOT Hatters will be on Monday, October 10th at the home of Lisa Fisher. This will be a pitch-in and everyone is to bring their favorite dish. The November meeting has not as yet been decided but the Red HOT Hatters already have reservations for our third annual “Christmas at the Mansion” luncheon: it will begin at 11 a.m. on Monday, December 12th at the beautiful Benjamin Schenck Mansion in Vevay. Specifics will be shared when decided. Reservations will be required by Monday, December 5th. Anyone interested in attending any of our functions or joining the Red HOT Hatters, please feel free to call me (Kay Cook) at (812) 594-2281 for details.

I found this week’s recipe scribbled on a small piece of paper from the desk of my dear friend Joanna Mehrlich, who died in 2002. Joanna and I had an unusual and long lasting relationship starting as children riding the school bus and ending up with the two of us both working Arson with the Indianapolis Police and Fire Department Arson Office some decades later. I tried it out this weekend for the first time using the yellow cake mix (more for the color than anything else) and thought I would share it in her memory:




1 box – White or Yellow

Cake Mix

1 can – “Thank You”

Butterscotch Pudding


1 box – “Jell-O”

Butterscotch Pudding

½ Cup of Butterscotch Chips

½ Cup (Packed) Brown Sugar

½ Cup Pecan nuts (chopped)

If you use the boxed pudding, mix the pudding as directed. With the exception of the liquids to be added, mix the cake batter as instructed. Instead of adding water or oil, add the pudding! Mix well and spread into a greased, floured pan. Top with a mixture of the butterscotch chips, nuts and brown sugar. Bake as instructed on cake mix box.


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