Patriot News 10/07/2021


  The phrase, “Time flies when you are having fun” — it’s definitely true.

  Nine years ago on October 3rd, we finished moving from Warsaw, Kentucky to Patriot, Indiana. One of my first memories was while we were unloading boxes from the cars, vans and trucks a black and white dog seemed to be circling our vehicles, checking us out. I was a little hesitant at first of what I thought was a stray dog, because in years past I have been bitten. A few weeks later I found out that his name was ‘Oreo’ and he was the town dog.

  Now growing up not very far from Rabbit Hash, Kentucky — where the mayor is someone’s pet — I found this very charming. Before long Oreo would find his place sitting on our recliner on the front porch, I found it very comforting at times knowing he was out there. We have had so many memories here, mostly good and some sad. However with all the memories one thing has been constant, the feeling of home, the way people have come together not only to be at our side, but to cheer for us and cry with us.

  In nine years I couldn’t have asked for a better place or neighbors to call home.

  Today started out as a dreary, rainy day. It never really cleared up too much, one thing I have noticed is that once the dull autumn days seem to make everything seem bleak. I have to confess today was a do nothing day for me, I didn’t even make it to church this morning, but I was able to watch it via Facebook live, what a great invention that is. Once again Pastor Jones reminded everyone about the upcoming Harvest  Homecoming on October 17th at 11 a.m. at the Patriot Baptist Church followed by lunch at town hall. Hopefully there is a great turn out. Mike also mentioned that Bible Study would resume starting October 6th at 6 p.m. at church.

  This past week Kathryn Turner and family went out to visit with her granddaughter and grand son-in- law Rachel and Brad Hay to be introduced to the newest member of  the family, a beautiful baby girl. The visit was filled with happiness and memories to last a lifetime. Congratulations Rachel and Brad. We should all take a moment to pray for all new parents and families.

  On October 5th the Patriot Town Board will be meeting. I hope to have information on Halloween plans in the next week to pass along. As Halloween approaches we all need to take time to remember that with all the fun and excitement there are children as well as adults who have difficulties in social situations. Please be kind to everyone you see, and let’s make this a wonderful holiday.

  Have a wonderful week everyone, stay safe and healthy