Patriot News 1-3-13


I hope everyone had a great and blessed Christmas. I was glad to see we finally got some snow.

On Wednesday afternoon, December 19th, Reesea Jackson and Dollie Green went to Indianapolis to the Azbells. They then went with the Azbells to the University of Indianpolis to watch Sam Azell’s basketball team, Holy Spirit, play at half time. Sam made two three-pointers and his team won. Thursday, December 19th, Reesea had a doctor’s appointment downtown, afterwards they returned home.

Christmas Day guests of the Greens were Mary Lynn Reese, Deanna Green, Levi, Kaylee, and Elijah Green, Reesea and Bailey Jackson, Fred, Charla, Drew, Alli, and Sam Azbell, and Dungy Dog. Santa was good to everyone.

Congratulations to Jeff and Sue VanSickle for winning the Christmas Light/Decoration contest in Patriot. They won gift certificates from Bryceno’s, Fisk’s Grocery, and Patriot Package and Bait Shop.

Christmas Eve guests of Linda Smith were Blaine Husby, Joe and Donna Brady, Dickey and Brenda Bethel, Jeff and Sue VanSickle, Ben, Patti, Raylinn, and Taylor Kappes, Glenn and Kassi Bovard, Kobe Chatham, Kole Kelly, Joey Rider, Andrea Rider, Zoey, Zayden, and Zale, Missy Rider, Troy Smith, Landen Rider, Dalen and Maizlee Smith, George and Nancy Turner, Alyce and Iver Husby. Everyone enjoyed a great meal and getting together with family.

Pamela and Brett Dansby, mother of Ben Kappes, came in from Texas on Christmas Day to stay with the Ben and Patti Kappes. They stayed until Friday and enjoyed playing with Raylinn and Taylor Kappes in the snow.

Get well wishes go out to Patriot resident, Bruce Hutcherson. I hope everyone had a great and safe New Year.

Hazel Huffner, Billie Green, and Dollie Green ate at The Pines in Madison on Friday, December 21st. They exchanged gifts and afterwards they did some shopping.