Patriot News 08/19/2021


  It’s a beautiful yet muggy Friday morning here in Patriot, while sitting on my front porch making my morning call to Kathryn Turner. We were discussing everything under the sun, I had mentioned I wasn’t sure what my article was going to be about this week, and in true fashion she reassured me that it would come to me.

  Once I finished my call to her I sat on my porch for awhile enjoying the beautiful morning. With phone in hand I decided to venture onto the app Tik Tok. Now I know everyone has their own opinions about different apps we can get on our phones, iPads, laptops and other electrical devices, Tik Tok for me gives me a outlet for humor and silliness. Some things are unsuitable but I just scroll on pass those. However this morning one video caught my attention:

  On August 12th, 2021 in a town surrounded by cornfields like Patriot,  Major League Baseball held its Field of Dreams game. After watching the video on Tik Tok I had to find an actual video from the game, because the sight of the ball teams dressed in past uniforms walking out of the corn field made it feel like home. In a town far far away two baseball teams made a classic movie come to life, it gave the next generation a feeling of the past. Now I know everyone is probably thinking — ‘Sarah what does this have to do with Patriot?’

  It’s actually quite simple really, as a small community we strive to build for our future, while holding onto a piece of the past. This past summer I was blessed to watch our home town little league team play at Harris Park, the young boys and girls were living their field of dreams. Not everyone makes it big in sports but for just a moment, they were all stars following a dream. As school starts we should help to inspire, guide and strengthen our youth, so one day maybe someone will tell the story of a small town in Southeastern Indiana named Patriot.

  Bible study has resumed at Patriot Baptist Church on Wednesday evening they meet at 6 p.m. I was in attendance this past week and I have to say it was full of information. We are studying the foundation of the Baptist church, and for someone who was raised in a Lutheran church it is helpful to know how and why the Baptist church came to be. Also the scouts are meeting at the church on Thursdays again, they have an outing scheduled in the near future and I wish them all the best. If you wish to join either of these groups stop by the church for more information.

  With only a few more weeks until Labor day and the end of summer coming closer we are all trying to get in one more family cookout. In the next few weeks I will be adding a few recipes to use all the yummy vegetables that have been grown this season. I may find a new recipe for me to try, that’s one of my favorite things to do. Even though we have been having hit and miss rain showers lately we should be aware of the dryness in the area while grilling out. Try to keep some water or a fire extinguisher close, one small fire can spread quickly and cause a lot of damage. Let’s all be safe as we bring summer 2021 to a close.

  I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and sends prayers for all who are ill, or in pain from loss of loved ones. Take time to be compassionate towards each other, kind words are easy, fixing bad feelings is harder.

  “Dreams can take you…. To the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places you heart has ever know” — found on Pinterest