Patriot News 08/12/2021


  Going on vacation is relaxing, until you get home and realize that you have to go back to the daily grind. As things returned to normal here, I started to think about the upcoming week and weeks ahead, not only for us but for the community as a whole.

  The children of Patriot and Switzerland County returned to school for the 2021-2022 school year this week. I hope and pray they have a safe and productive year. As much fun as summer vacation is, there is also a need for education. We as a community should come together to support the young men and women in the area in following their dreams and achieving their goals. For those parents who are putting their children on the bus for the first time, please know that I am saying prayers for you as well, for strength while letting your babies fly for the first time, and for support while you face a new milestone in not only their lives but yours as well.

  We should all pray for the teachers, administrators, and staff of Switzerland County Schools, as they embark on a new year with hopes of success and not too many major changes. One thing I hope not only the staff, but also the students embrace this year is the idea of unity, as putting aside our differences to make our town a wonderful place.

  This weekend Patriot Baptist Church welcomed Evangelist minister Joe Jackson, they held a prayer brunch on Saturday morning at town hall. The food was amazing as always and our introduction to Mr Jackson made the way for a heartfelt and inspiring sermon on Sunday morning. His message was filled with the good news and the word of God. We need to lead by his example and not wait until tomorrow to find our truths, in the world we live in today the falsehoods are abundant, search for the truth, find inspiration from the good in the world and remember everyone is loved in God’s kingdom. I hope Mr Jackson and his family will come back to Patriot again and that his message is accepted all over our great nation. Thank you very much for sharing your story. The service also had some guest musicians who graced us with their songs and enthusiasm for the Lord.

  This coming week the Scout troop will be taking a swimming test at the YMCA in Vevay, to prepare for an upcoming trip. They will resume meetings at the Patriot Baptist Church in two weeks If you are interested in becoming a scout they are always welcoming new members. Stop by one of the Thursday meetings for information.

  Even though this week has been filled with some amazing and wonderful moments our town has also suffered loss. Let us send out a prayer for the family of Ivan Green, his passing this week has been felt by many people in Patriot, and we should shower his loved ones in prayer. Once again i would like to ask that we all take a moment and embrace our wonderful community, we see on news and social media all the horrible things happening all around us, we should take time to remember that we as a community have the power to make our town wonderful, and should stand together not apart to preserve the greatness of small town life. 

  “And in life, it is all about the choices we make. And how the direction of our lives comes down to the choices we choose”….. Catherine Pulsifer