Patriot News 07/28/2022


  ‘Hot’ —is one word that has a whole new meaning during the last months of summer.

  This week has been one for the records, with heat warnings most days, sitting outside seems very impossible. I hear that rain is in the forecast and I get excited, but only for a moment, that’s the relief. As the weather is so very hot we need to make sure to drink plenty of fluids, take extra breaks if working outside. Be aware of the dryness when having outdoor parties that revolve around bonfires, grills or fireworks, roasting marshmallows is fun, having to call the fire department because the field is on fire because we didn’t have water set aside to put out the fire isn’t.

  Patriot Baptist Church had a successful Vacation Bible School, and a great turn out. It’s nice to see children getting involved in community activities. As the school year is just on the horizon we need to make sure that our children have happy memories to go back to the classroom with. I don’t know if they ask kids today how was your summer or what did you do over summer break, but if they do I hope all the children of Patriot have something exciting to talk about. The teachers and staff are starting to get ready as well, preparing a list of supplies, lesson plans, and getting back into classrooms to make it feel like home, if only for a few hours. Let us all say a prayer for all of the  Switzerland county schools, prayer goes a long way in just a few moments. We also need to take a moment to send good wishes and prayers  to those starting or returning to college here soon. Moving away for the first time can be hard, if you know someone going away to school to see if you can get their address, it’s a simple thing but a letter from home can mean the world to someone on their own for the first time.

  Getting involved is not only for the schools, the Patriot town board and water company would like input from its customers concerning the elimination of fluoride in our water. The town board will be discussing this at the August meeting. It is something that affects us all, and they need to hear from the community. Hopefully in the next few meetings they will have updates on work being done with the sewer plant, and other projects going on in the future. Meetings are open to the public, so please stop by. The meeting is August 2nd, at 5:30 p.m. at town hall.

  Also in the  near future Patriot Pals will be holding their annual event at town hall. It is set for September 10th from noon until the last person leaves. It is a pitch in dinner as always, I am hoping to attend this year. I have heard wonderful things about this party, I can’t wait to see it for myself. I have noticed something very special about living in Patriot: people like to come together to celebrate, whether it be a birthday party, a family cookout, or friends from years past getting together to remember the good ole days.

  As we end the month of  July, let’s send it out the  way we began it — celebrating. Get outside when you can, make memories with family and friends. Have a great week everyone, have fun and stay safe, and cool.