Patriot News 07/02/2020


  The Patriot/Posey Park Board has announced that for the Patriot Bicentennial Celebration on the 4th of July, there will be a fireworks display at 10 p.m. Concessions will be open at Harris Park at 8:30 p.m. with Bicentennial Celebration tee-shirts for sale, as well as snacks, drinks and popcorn. Everyone attending is encouraged to practice social distancing during the event. Hopefully, the annual parade will return in 2021 along with the Memorial Park flag ceremony and the community dinner.

  The Patriot Baptist Church will have a short memorial service next Sunday at 11:45 a.m., immediately following the morning worship service for everyone’s beloved dog ‘Oreo’, who was fatally struck by a car Thursday night. It will be held behind the church where Oreo is buried, next to the Butterfly Garden. The Patriot Baptist Church is located at 156 Main Street in Patriot.

  In addition, a collection is being taken for a permanent grave site memorial. Anyone interested in donating may leave a donation at Fisk’s Store in Patriot or send it to the Patriot Baptist Church at Box 71, Patriot, Indiana, 47038.

  The next scheduled meeting of the Patriot Town Board will be on Tuesday, July 7th at 5 p.m. at the Town Hall located at 352 3rd Street.

  The Patriot public boat dock by the Town Hall is in and available for boat traffic and fishing.

  The next Red HOT Hatter meeting is scheduled for Friday, July 17th at Moasis Grill in Vevay at 11 a.m.  The tentative meeting schedule for the rest of the year will be distributed at that time. The majority of the meetings will be on the third Friday of each month at 11 a.m. Anyone with questions about becoming a Red HOT Hatter is encouraged to contact me Kay Cook (812) 594-2281 or (317) 443-8857); or by email at Everyone is invited and no dues are collected. The only two requirements are that you 1) make new friends and 2) enjoy good food.

  Prayer List: All law enforcement officers and their families as well as everyone affected by the current national unrest; everyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; Bill and Sharon Levell; Red HOT Hatters Laura Riga and June Lack; Deacon Mike Gardner, Karsen Cook, Eylah Leppert, Firefighter Ron Brunner, Pam Minch, Barbara Barnhill,  Eva Fette, Barbara DeNoon, Ellyn Kern and Jerry Brown and Lulu Belle Thomas.


  In honor of Patriot’s 200th Anniversary I will continue with excerpts from H.F. Emerson’s 1931 publication Historical Sketch of the Town of Patriot:

  Cattle Feeding and Pork Packing: “In conjunction with the distilling interests, large cattle yards and pens were maintained on upper Main Street. These pens flanked both sides of the street starting a short distance east of First Street and running nearly to the east corporation line, also extending along Wade’s Run toward the river. Boatloads of longhorn Texas cattle were brought up river to these yards to be fed on the slop and mash after the alcohol had been distilled off and quite frequently either in loading or unloading these steers they would become unmanageable and as they ran amuck the streets of the town were left to them undisputed until they were corralled. Many hogs were also fed here and while most of them were shipped to city markets after fattening some were used for local packing. Pork packing was carried on to some extent in the earlier days before the large centralized plants came into existence and practically all of it was sent south in flat boats.”

  Whisky Rectifying: “Whiskey rectifying was carried on more or less. I never quite understood just what this was unless it was making two barrels of whiskey out of one and reducing the quality in at least the same proportion. Some of the component parts in the process being pepper and natural leaf tobacco with proof spirits, this concoction no doubt offered a brand of ‘lightning’ for the palates of those that the purer but milder distilled spirits did not satisfy. This liquid refreshment would probably be received with open mouth by the present day drinkers of canned heat.”

  Sawmills: “For many years quite a busy sawmill was operated on the river front above the corporation line on the property of William Gockel by Harvey Elliot. Later Perry Warner ran a mill and today Stockdale’s small mill represents about the only power industry in the village. 7 Creamery In the early 90’s Henry Schroder, who for many years had been in the butter egg and poultry business and at one time also operated a general store, built a modern creamery on Third Street between Plum and Columbia and manufactured a high quality of butter but the plant was destroyed by fire shortly after being put in operation and was not rebuilt.”


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