Patriot News 06/17/2021


 Usually I don’t start my articles on Tuesday morning, I try to wait to see what is going on in town first. However after a sleepless night because we had to be up super early I decided to head to Swiss Perks Coffee shop in Vevay for my morning brew….. Plus I was waiting on Will to get done with his work for the day.

  While I was tossing and turning over night thinking about everything under the sun and moon, I started to think about town and all the wonderful things we have to offer. The one thing we don’t have is a restaurant or coffee shop. Fisk Grocery makes wonderful sandwiches and has a variety of yummy things to snack on, but it’s not somewhere that people can gather for a good meal or a cup of coffee. I think it would be wonderful if someone could open either a coffee shop or even a quick bite diner. I know we have had different restaurants in town over the years. I am not sure if it is the location or lack of traffic but they never seem to thrive. Maybe one day we will get another hometown restaurant.

  Until then I guess I’ll venture either to Swiss Perks in Vevay  or Angie’s Bakery in Rising Sun.

  July 3rd is quickly approaching and the town board is still looking for volunteers for the parade and festivities. If your organization would like to have a float in the parade they are still looking for entries. Please remember for the safety of all our residents and out of town guests the boat docks at the end of town will be closed from midnight on July 3rd to midnight on July 4th. Let’s keep everyone safe this holiday.

  With July fast approaching the Patriot Baptist Church has a mini Vacation Bible School on July 6th, 7th and 8th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. with a picnic held at Harris Park on the last day. Ages 5-16 are welcome, come enjoy some faith and fellowship with Patriot Baptist Church.

  This Sunday June 20th we will be celebrating Father’s Day. This is a day to make the fathers in your life know how important they are to  you. So have a cookout, go to a local restaurant and enjoy your day with dad. Like Mother’s Day last month we need to remember that not everyone will be celebrating Father’s Day the same way, let us say a prayer for the fathers we have lost, those who are far away, and those who have lost children and are trying to just make it through the holiday.

  As we get into the middle of June please remember the heat index is on the rise and temperatures are soaring, please if doing work outside remember to keep hydrated and take breaks often. Even though we have had what seems like a ton of rain recently it only takes a few dry days to make it easier for fires to start and spread quickly. Keep an eye and ear out for local burn bans.

  Have a safe and wonderful week, and Happy Father’s Day.

  “A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” — Billy Graham