Patriot News 05/16/2019


Here’s the truth and nothing but the truth!

  #1) No more information concerning road closures from me. I give. All I can do is wish you luck in your travels!

  #2) I am not a spring chicken so if I come across occasionally as vague or confused, I properly am. Everything you see in print has been approved by Pat Lanman. If I misspell a word or forget something, it is totally on my shoulders.

  #3) I do not get paid. What I do, I do voluntarily. Likewise, if you like what I do or enjoy what I write, please feel free to share. The whole world needs more positivity and less negativity and I, for one, would welcome it.

  The Concord Church Yard Sale will be today (Thursday, May 16th) only! Come early!

  Fortunately, May’s Red HOT Hatter meeting tomorrow (Friday, May 17th) at 11a.m. has been changed to the Sunset Grill in Warsaw. We have asked for the ‘back room’ away from the bar area of the restaurant.  The Sunset Grill is located at 1160 U.S. 42 across from Smuggler’s Cove. Everyone is invited to attend. Red and purple clothing is not required. Neither are hats! No dues are collected. Mission statement for the group covers making new friends, having fun and eating delicious food! Hope to see you soon!

  This year’s annual Vevay Music Club’s “Medley of Music” Concert has been changed to Tuesday, June 4th beginning at 7 p.m. at the Historic Hoosier Theater. Proceeds will benefit the Betty Swango Scholarship. Rehearsal is set for Monday, June 3rd at 6:15 p.m.

  The Patriot 4th of July Parade will be held at 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 4th, with registration at the Patriot Boat Ramp beginning at 8:30 a.m. Forms may be picked up at Patriot Town Hall, 352 3rd Street in Patriot or from Park Board members. There will be a Float Contest and the categories include: Best in Show (overall best), Most Original, Classic Wheels (best motorcycle, tractor or car) and The Patriot (most patriotic float). Category winners will receive monetary prizes. Winners will be announced at the town picnic in the park.

  Prayer List: Families of Nelda Kinman, Maurice Stout and Marvin Fette; Sharon Schmitt, Doris O’Bannon, Trayten Cannon, Emilee McKay, Abby Galbreath, Angie Haskell, Sue Bear, Ellyn Kern — wife of Jerry Brown, Aletha and Owen Heaton, John Campbell, Sharon and Bill Levell, Irvin and Eva Fette, Jake Rader and Red HOT Hatters Barb Dowdy, Mary Christiani, Lura Riga and June Lack.

  Lessons Learned: Memorial Day is for the living. For as long as I can remember, the approach of Memorial Day meant the acquisition of fresh cut flowers, plastic wreathes, wooden crosses and American flags and a daylong trip to the country. As a small child, I accompanied my mother and watched as she meticulously sorted and displayed just the right decoration at the appropriate location for the specific person. She talked as she worked, sharing memories of good times past and beloved lives lost. Of her two little brothers who died as infants. Of her beautiful sister who died just at the dawning of her adulthood. Of her dying, widowed mother whom she had cared for as a teenager. As a dutiful daughter, I promised my mother that I would assume the responsibility of decorating the family graves for her as she had for her mother and older sister. And I have now for the past 15 years since her death. The family plots are in Normanda, north of Indianapolis and off of US 31 south of Kokomo. It took me most of the day Friday to accomplish my tasks but all ten are now ready for this year’s Memorial Day: great grandparents, grandparents, parents, two uncles and two aunts. Seven of those individuals I never met and yet it does give me satisfaction knowing that ‘someone’ remembered them again and honored their lives. Artificial flowers and plastic angels aren’t the ideal means of showing respect but alas! It’s something. Mission accomplished. Promise kept for still another year. Mom would be proud. 

  You may contact me several ways: by leaving a note of message inside the cat mailbox in front of 1995 Front Street in Patriot; or by calling my home at (812)594-2281; or dropping me a note at P.O. Box #01, Patriot, Indiana, 47038; or contacting KAY E COOK on Facebook or online at If you have anything for me to include in this article, please send it to me. Information can be received any day of the week but normally my deadline is Sunday at noon for that week’s issue of the paper. Any news received later will appear in the following week’s article. If you need something in a particular issue, please get it to me early.