Patriot News 05/13/2021


 On  Saturday morning this weekend I ventured out of the beautiful town of Patriot and went to the equally beautiful town of Rising Sun on an adventure for the morning….. What was my adventure you ask, I was out and about enjoying a rite of spring… that’s right I was out at the community yard sales. Lots of people selling lots of stuff.

  My first stop brought me to the Ohio County Historical Museum and low and behold the first person I see there is Patriot’s own Angel Lieland set up with a variety of good sales. I hope she did well on her outing. It was great seeing you Angel. As I walked around town looking at different sales my mind started to spin in a planning mode — I think as a town we should have a community sale as well. I have mentioned this a time or two in previous articles, but I think it would be an awesome idea and it would get people out and about and to come to Patriot to see just how amazing we are. If anyone would like to start planning a group sale let me know and I will help in any way I can.

  So after being out and about I returned home  and sat down to check my email. This week I received a wonderful email from past Patriot resident Barrie Watters who has brought to my attention some of the past of Patriot. Like I had said in my last week’s column graduations are coming up all over the area, and as residents of Patriot we should remember that  years ago Patriot had their own high school and there are many people who graduated or went there throughout the years before it was closed.

  One of the things Mr. Watters mentioned was how the classmates throughout the years have always come back together to celebrate the times and memories they had at Patriot High School. Life changes all the time but true friendships never go away. Patriot High School was long gone before we arrived here in 2012 but it’s nice to know that the past has a way of making the future bright. Hopefully the alumni of Patriot High School will be able to be together again soon. I hope when they get together I can meet Mr. Watters. It’s nice to know the Patriot news travels all over the country.

  This Sunday we celebrated Mothers Day, I know many people in the area are home for visits, including Kay Sawyers who came home to visit her mom Kathryn Turner and family. The family of Kathryn Turner celebrated with four generations of moms celebrating together on Saturday afternoon at Ogle Park in Vevay. That was followed by a show at the Hoosier Theater as well a family dinner on Sunday including: Betty and Carl Hutchinson, Kay Sawyers, James Gurley, Rhonda Turner, Kathy Hutchinson and Tim Smith. A wonderful time was had by all.

  I myself talked to all the women in my life who are like a mom to me, since my own mother has been gone for many years, she is celebrating in heaven with all the moms who have gone on before. Once again happy Mothers Day to every mom out there, I hope and pray you had a wonderful day.

  Even though this has been a week of celebrating there has been some sorrow. I would like to extend my condolences to the town of Rising Sun at the loss of their former Mayor and councilman Bill Marksberry, prayers to his family, friends and a town that will surely miss him. Even though this is an article about Patriot we should also pray for our neighboring towns.

  “Our laughs are limitless, our memories are countless and our friendships are endless” … unknown.

  This is how I see this week in Patriot. Have a wonderful week everyone, stay safe and loved…….