Patriot News 04/28/2022


  What a beautiful week and weekend, the weather has been a good mixture of spring time feelings. People have been getting out and going all over the area.

  Since the transfer of ownership of the local grocery store Connie and David Fisk have been enjoying retirement and going places they never had time to go before when working six days a week. This week they went out to Versailles to visit Connie’s mom and then went to Lawrenceburg to visit with David’s sister Pam. It was a good few days for a lot of visiting.

  Speaking of the store, they are going full speed ahead and things are definitely changing but keeping with the feeling of the small town vibe. I keep walking in and forgetting things are not in the same place anymore, but I do that whenever stores rearrange. Patriot General Store is doing well and is definitely a blessing for the community.

  Blessings have been flowing within town for lots of people. Linda Fisk and family spent Saturday at the Cincinnati Zoo. Linda and Sean enjoyed watching the grandbabies interact with all the animals. I am hoping to get to the zoo in the next few weeks. I love seeing all the pictures on Facebook of families having a wonderful time. Family time is something we all need to have especially on beautiful sunny days. This week I have also noticed an increase of motorcycle traffic and people out mowing their yards. Please be aware if you live on the main road to try not to blow grass on the roadways because it is hazardous to bikers when they are making turns and on straight paths. They have as many rights on the roadway as anyone and should not feel like they can’t ride because of grass in the road.

  Speaking of grass baseball and softball seasons are upon us, if you have time to go to a game at the ballpark here in Patriot you should. These kids practice hard and are having a good time and can use all the support we can give them. I was told there would be concessions again this year. So go grab a snack and see a good game. Lets fill the stands this year, and let our cheers be heard all over Patriot.

  As baseball and softball is a rite of passage, so is the senior prom, this past weekend Switzerland County High School held their prom at the Ogle Haus in Vevay. I hope and pray everyone had a wonderful and safe time and made memories to last a lifetime.

  Memories from the past was the topic of the letter to the editor in last week’s Vevay News. I would like to thank Kay Cook for her nice and informative letter about Alexander Smith Rice the town marshal of Patriot in 1886. It’s nice to know that Patriot  has a rich history and a growing future. As a community we are blessed to have something to look forward to as well as a past to learn from.

  This week we should say some prayers for all those who are experiencing loss, for the seniors of Switzerland County High as the prom is one step closer to graduation.

  Have a great week everyone and enjoy the beautiful days as they come.