Patriot News 04/22/2021


  Hello my happy neighbors in Patriot, and Posey Township, I hope my article finds everyone doing well and enjoying the spurts in good weather….. I know it’s April, but some of the last few days have felt more like the end of February and the middle of March. The weather in Indiana sometimes astonishes me, but as I sit here looking out my front door the sun is shining and birds are chirping signs of spring all around.

  Last week I talked about road safety in town with the weather changing and people out and about on motorcycles and other recreational vehicles, construction crews on 250. This week it has come to my attention that the roads are starting to become busy with farm equipment traveling up and down the roads, please remember to take your time  and stay far enough back to avoid damage to you as well as them. Farms and the people who own and care for them are one of the greatest backbones of our amazing state. Please take your time, and have patiences they are working hard for all of us.

  With spring in full bloom, and folks all around Patriot and Posey township starting to get their gardens ready for planting the land will be plowed all around to get ready for the summer growing season, I have to wonder how will the 17 year cicada affect their lands this year. I was not in Patriot the last time we had cicadas, I remember them in Hebron, Kentucky when I was younger, and am actually excited about their return. I would love to share some stories in my article from people in town who were here 17 years ago, this isn’t a common thing and for people who have never experienced them it could be frighting, please send me some stories to publish to help ease the minds of those who don’t know what is going on.

  Along with people hitting the Ohio river for fishing, turkey season is in full swing, April 21st through May 9th. Remember to practice hunting safety and legally by purchasing your license at B & B Bait Shop right here in Patriot….. Remember to support small and local businesses.

  This week I would like to say happy birthday to Ritchie Hutchinson, and to anyone else celebrating this week. I have seen via social media the communities have had some loss this week as well. We should all take a moment to say a prayer for all those in pain, suffering illness or loss. As well celebrate the happy times in our lives.

  In the coming weeks and months let all do our part to keep the roadways safe for pedestrians, motorcycles and farmers…. So we can celebrate the joys of a good harvest in the fall…..

  To those who work in acres, not in hours……thank you.

  —  author unknown