Patriot News 04/11/2019


Heads up! The road closure on Highway 156 down river from Patriot between Sandy Run and Wade Hill is a mess. The area involved appears to be the small bridge, on the curve, near North Bend Farms — downriver from Wade Hill and upriver from the Schroeder home. Folks traveling this direction might want to turn off at Bryant’s Creek instead of waiting until Sandy Run or simply avoid 156 totally and take Highway 250. Sandy Run is very narrow and is marked ‘No Trucks’, but that has not kept some idiots off of there with semis. I personally saw a tanker coming through the other day. What an idiot! And they have special licensing for those drivers, too. Geesh! I rarely see anyone manning the barricades at Sandy Run so there is no one to stop the trucks. There are signs up now indicating more construction up river from Patriot towards Rising Sun but I’m not exactly sure where that will be or when.

  Anyone interested in venturing to the Stream Cliff Farm with the Red HOT Hatters is welcome to do so this Friday, April 12th. Drive time from Vevay is roughly an hour so I anticipate a caravan forming in the lot of the YMCA and leaving no later than 10 a.m. for lunch at 11 a.m. An advanced headcount would be helpful (Kay Cook 812-594-2281). The address for Stream Cliff Farm, Restaurant and Winery is 8225 S. County Rd. 90 W in Commiskey Indiana. Only expense will be lunch — unless you decide to shop, of course.

  The Annual Patriot Easter Egg Hunt will be held this Saturday, April 13th, at 11 a.m. at Harris Park.

  Still recuperating from the very successful Red HOT Hatters second annual “Tea for Toni” held at the Schenck Mansion last week, it seems as though I have been on a dead run ever since. I found out from Jenny Bennett, the Innkeeper at the Schenck Mansion, that the very awesome ‘fruity’ tea that she served is called “Summer Bouquet” by Greenfield and is sold at Kroger’s. I, however, came up empty-handed at the two Kroger’s that I tried: Lawrenceburg and Southern Plaza in Indy. It is available online, however. Plans for the third annual “Tea for Toni” have begun.

  Maybe I’m not actually as busy as I feel, just older and slower. Wednesday was my DOB. I had so much fun on Facebook answering birthday greetings and hearing from long lost friends. I heard from 19 childhood friends including one who first met as a mere toddler. Pike Township in Marion County (Indianapolis) used to be the smallest school system and many of us went through all 12 years of elementary and high school together: two that I heard from were even in my first grade class. How precious those folks are to me and how uplifting the greetings were!

  Thursday was the Switzerland County Extension Homemaker’s Achievement Day at the United Methodist Church of Aberdeen. As always, it was good to share and visit with the other clubs and the program coordinated by Posey Tapper Mickie Rader was both informative and enjoyable. And don’t forget the food! The ladies at that church really know how to cook! Yum!

  Friday, I loaded up all three K-9 members of my family and we headed off to participate in Vevay’s ‘First Friday’ ‘Chalandamarz’ event in the Opera Park. Father Christopher Craig of the Most Sorrowful Mother of God Church performed the ‘Blessing of the Animals’. As bad as my critters are, I figured bestowing a little religion on the three would certainly not be a bad thing. Totally amazed, all three behaved — even Lexie who seemed to be so into the sights and sounds that she was mesmerized, and she abandoned her normal behavior — growling. (Thank heavens!) We were joined by Zoie and her ‘parents’ Tony and Mary Christiani and Holly and her ‘parents’ Tom and Claudia Dawson.

  Saturday, Mary and Tony Christiani treated me to a birthday feast at the Ferry Street Fudo Restaurant. The food was superb, and I think I could most assuredly become addicted to the plum Saki.

  Still full of plum Saki, I traveled to Indy on Sunday and met my dear friends Judy Callahan and Mary McCartney-Jones at the Red Lobster Restaurant on Thompson Road. Those two ladies really put the Happy into my Birthday for me this year. I toted home enough leftovers to last the week including those awesome cheese biscuits.

  May’s Red HOT Hatter meeting will be hosted by the Ridge Winery, 298 State Road 156, Vevay, on Friday, May 17th at 11 a.m. Food will be provided. Everyone is invited to attend. Red and purple clothing is not required. Neither are hats! No dues are collected. Mission statement for the group covers making new friends, having fun and eating delicious food! Hope to see you soon!

  Prayer List: Trayten Cannon, Emilee McKay, Abby Galbreath, Angie Haskell, the family of David Hewitt, Sue Bear, Ellyn Kern — wife of Jerry Brown, Aletha and Owen Heaton, John Campbell, Sharon and Bill Levell, Bruce Hutcherson, Irvin and Eva Fette, Jake Rader and Red HOT Hatters Barb Dowdy, Mary Christiani, Lura Riga and June Lack.                                             

  You may contact me several ways: by leaving a note of message inside the cat mailbox in front of 1995 Front Street in Patriot; or by calling my home at (812)594-2281; or dropping me a note at P.O. Box #01, Patriot, Indiana, 47038; or contacting KAY E COOK on Facebook or online at If you have anything for me to include in this article, please send it to me. Information can be received any day of the week but normally my deadline is Sunday at noon for that week’s issue of the paper. Any news received later will appear in the following week’s article. If you need something in a particular issue, please get it to me early.