Patriot News 04/07/202


  The word ‘change,’ as defined in one type by Merriam-Webster, is “to replace another.”

  Here in Patriot, that definition could not be more true.

  As Connie and David Fisk closed the doors of the Fisk family store, a new — but familiar — family has come to start on their journey as the new Patriot General Store. The Rider family has taken the reins and is ready to get started. Lots of hope and dreams have come from the past and with the changing of the guard many more years of hopes and dreams will come to life. I hope and pray your journey is filled with memories as grand as the Watters and Fisk family has made over the last 70 plus years.

  Speaking of memories, if you happened to be in the store on the 31st many, many people came in to take one last look before the changes start to happen. One person even drove all the way up here to surprise Connie, David and holly. Barrie Watters walked in on Thursday morning to  a surprised Holly, and if I am being totally honest I was surprised and thrilled when I saw his car parked outside, it was a wonderful day for a reunion.

  Reunions seem to be on the top of the list of things going on around here. On Wednesday Patti Shannon Viers sent me a message to get out the word that they are starting to get reservations for the 2022 Patriot High School alumni meeting and dinner. This event will take place on May 28th at 6 p.m., doors open at 4:30 p.m. at Switzerland County Elementary School in East Enterprise. This event is one for all classes of Patriot High and over the years has brought many people from near and far home. Reservations can be sent to Carolyn Martin Stroobandt at 1115 Burgess Ave. #301 Rising Sun Indiana, 47040.

  Let’s all try to make this reunion a great one. Even though I did not graduate from Patriot High School, I’ll be there to get a first hand look and have personal knowledge to write all about it in the Patriot/Posey news. I hope this can be the reunions of the past that everyone so desperately needs, we have all been in a different frame of mind as the last two years have put us away from loved ones, friends and our normal day to day lives. Let’s get back to celebrating all of life’s joys.

  Celebrations are also happening in the area. On Saturday, a group of family and friends came out to celebrate the second birthday of Mara Huey. There were a good number of people at the Posey firehouse. We celebrated with a cookout, cake and ice cream and games for the little ones. I remember the night Holly, Shawn, Sabrina, Jackson and Mara all ended up in our basement because of the tornado sirens. She has sure grown up a lot since then, little ones never stay little. Happy birthday, Mara.

  As the season is changing outdoor activity is getting under way. Baseball practice has started and hopefully the net will be placed soon. Once a schedule is made I will start giving dates and times for games.

  As spring is upon us the orange traffic signs are being put up. The work on 250 in Patriot was scheduled to begin on April 4th. Please be aware of detours and adjust accordingly.

  Change is definitely in the air. Embrace it, use it to build memories and enjoy the newness of all that is to come.

  Have a blessed week everyone.