Patriot News 03/31/2022


  ‘Once upon a time’ — that’s how all great and memorable stories start, even when the stories are many lifetimes in the making.

  This article is a story for the ages, one of love and family. On March 31st, 2022 the Fisk family will be closing the doors of a store that has been in their family for the last five generations.

  Here is how it all started and where we go from here as a town.

  In 1948 Levi Bliss opened the doors to the store that would become a staple for the people of Patriot. A place where you could grab a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, a paint brush, and at one point even shoes. It is as it was a go to for all the things needed for daily life. The daily life of the Watters and Fisk families have been associated with the store for more than 74 years. In my opinion that’s longer than most places stay in business.

  Throughout the years many family members have not only worked in the store but have built their lives around the store. Levi’s daughter Wilma and her husband continued his work until their daughter Peggy Fisk took over then keeping the family tradition in line David and Connie took over when Peggy was unable to do so anymore. Even today David and Connie’s daughter Holly helps run the family store. Many family members and even some local friends have come and gone to work here over the years. The store is definitely something that is family oriented.

  As with most things they have seen their share of happy moments and sadness. The main point is they have survived, even when the flood of 1964 got to the steps of the store they were still able to move past it and open up. I have only seen the store close a few times since I have been here and those were usually not even a whole day.

  One thing about having a small town store that has been in the family for generations is all the memories that have accumulated over the years. The stories of yesteryear, how many times have you gone into Fisk to hear the sounds of laughter, from a group of two or more people just reminiscing about the good ole days?

  The store has not only been home to the Watters and Fisk family, but it has been a home to all of Patriot. A piece of history in a town with a long and joyous past. We should all take a moment to thank Connie and David for keeping the  legacy of what a small town store should be. It’s the place where you can feel at home, no matter who you are or how long you have lived here.

  I for one will definitely miss seeing them on a daily basis. If you happen to get in before the 31st, stop by and tell them congratulations on the next part of their journey.

  The next owners have big shoes to fill, and hopefully will be ready to serve the community in a timely manner. I hope and pray they have a smooth transition and we can once again have a small town store in Patriot.

  All great stories must come to an end, and truthfully this isn’t really an ending — it’s just a new book.

  To the Fisk family I hope your next chapters are as full and rewarding as the generations of family members have brought to the town of Patriot.

  David enjoy your birthday on the 31st,— it will definitely be a day to remember.