Patriot News 01/16/2020


The first Patriot Town Board meeting of 2020 was held on Tuesday, January 7th at the Patriot Town Hall. All members of the Town Board have been newly elected and are: Tony Rider, Elizabeth Thomas and Theresa Winters. Judge Coy started the meeting by swearing in all three board members and the clerk treasurer, Linda Fisk.

  There was no voting for president because Patriot has an ordinance that states the person with the highest number of votes is president. Elizabeth has been the president since first being appointed to the board in 2016. Attorney Del Weldon from Pillar Law Group will continue as the town attorney for 2020.

  The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Patriot Town Board will be held Tuesday, February 4th at 5 p.m. The meetings are held at the Patriot Town Hall located at 352 3rd Street in Patriot.

  The Red HOT Hatters will be meeting at Mo’s Steakhouse in Vevay on Friday, January 17th at 11 a.m. Everyone is welcome! Bring a friend! Red hats and purple clothing are not required but the wearing of those ‘colors’ is encouraged.

  Prayer list: Firefighter Ron Brunner, Pam Minch, Barbara Barnhill,  Nick Vogelsang, Eva Fette, Reverend Steve Ward, Abby Galbreath, Ellyn Kern and Jerry Brown, John Campbell, Sharon and Bill Levell, Jake and Mickie Rader, and Red HOT Hatters Joyce Johnson, Mary Christiani, Sandy Dawson, Juanita Giltner, Barb Dowdy, Laura Riga and June Lack.

  I made the following Cherry/Pineapple Dump Cake last week for a meeting I attended in Indianapolis. All I had to bring home was the empty container! It was very well received, easy to make and totally delicious. Oh, and it is very good with vanilla ice cream!



20 oz. Crushed pineapple, undrained 

21 oz.  Cherry pie filling

1 pkg. Yellow cake mix                                                                                                                                  

½ – 1 Cup Shaved almonds or chopped walnuts

½ Cup (1 stick) Butter, melted

  Preheat oven to 350˚. Butter bottom and sides of a 9×13 inch baking pan.

  Dump pineapple with juice and spread into bottom of pan. Top with cherry pie filling.

  Sprinkle the top evenly with dry cake mix, add nuts if using then drizzle the top with melted butter. Bake uncovered at 350˚F for 55-60 min or until bubbly and browned.

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  Don’t be a creature of habit, unless…

  The Cambridge Dictionary defines a ‘Creature of habit’ as someone who always does the same thing in the same way. It is also referred to as ‘habitual behavior’. Needless to say, habits provide us with comfort for the most part but not always. Sometimes, however, our habits can actually hinder our progress and sabotage our journey.

  As I watch my little furbabies (feline and canine) on a daily basis, I see that habits are not always good things. Princess Xena, my 5 lb. 12 year old pooch, religiously follows the sidewalk to the patio every time she goes outside and every time, she proceeds across to the lawn chair nearest the alley before she even looks at the back door and her way back inside the house. Walking straight down the sidewalk and into the house cuts close to a good 8 or 10 feet from her journey but she will not alter her behavior. Rain, sleet, snow, freezing temperatures — she unnecessarily delays her return inside to comfort and security and causes us both undue discomfort.

  People are like that, too. Occasionally we will continue the same irrational behavior simply because we consider it our normal behavior. Making poor choices, hanging with the wrong people and doing things detrimental to our wellbeing are all common mistakes that made on a regular basis become habit.

  Darren Poke, however, suggests that “if you want a better tomorrow, perhaps it’s time to develop some better habits today.” The start of a new year is a great time to re-examine old habits and institute new patterns of behavior more beneficial to our health and well-being.

  I, for one, have moved Xena’s lawn chair and she barely noticed. Shortening her journey back into her realm of safety will keep us both from unnecessarily suffering adverse weather conditions just because it’s what she’s used to. Replacing her old less convenient habit for a new one will be better for both of us.

  Re-examine your daily habits. Make changes where needed and create new habits that are both more pleasurable and beneficial to yourself and those for whom you care.