Patriot News 01/13/2022


  Long gone are the days where neighbors help neighbors. People write letters, or pray for you when you are sick or hurting. Unless you are blessed to live in a wonderful town like Patriot.

  I have resided in a few different places, I have lived in apartments where I never knew the people beside me, above or below. People were just a name on a call box. Luckily nine years ago we moved to a place that would finally feel like home again.

  Then the feeling I had as a child, knowing I could walk to my neighbors and feel safe and wanted. The feeling of value, purpose and love. We worry for each other, pray for our families, laugh at the silliness of our lives and celebrate every accomplishment we have.

  I received an email from Barrie Watters this week. I always look forward to his emails, not only because he is so uplifting but he reminds me that I am doing a good job and to keep up the good work. He is no longer a resident here in Patriot, but he will always be….. That’s what I love about here, when people come back they are always home.

  I wonder what the children of today will remember about living in Patriot, they are surely living in a different time. I know Switzerland County had its first snow day of 2022 and it was an e-learning day — which is a lot different than when I was in school. A snow day meant fun in the snow after getting up early and watching the bottom of the TV to see if you were homebound. I hope that even though they still had to do school work that all the children that were able to get outside and enjoy some of the winter wonderland.

  I worried for people on the roads and  how they were getting the things that they needed. Then I remembered we live in a great community that will help people in times of need.

  Many of us over the years have donated to causes that are close to our hearts. The fallen soldiers memorial monument is something that families in Patriot can come together to honor.

  Donations are still needed and can be dropped off at the town hall. They have already raised a decent amount, but more is needed. The names on this memorial are the ones who never made it home. We see online and television of soldiers’ homecomings where families and friends gather and there is always one video of a child running to their mom or dad that always breaks my heart. The families of the men on the fallen soldier memorial never got that chance. Now is our time to give back to them for what they gave for us.

  Patriot is a wonderful place full of amazing people, we love and care for each other. As the winter gets going remember to check on each other, if you are running to the store see if your neighbor needs anything, especially if they are not able to get out. We are blessed to live somewhere that handwritten letters, phone calls and prayers are not a long ago forgotten thing.

  Have a wonderful week. Take care of one another.