Patriot News 01/12/2023


  Thanks to Sue and Jeff Van Sickle for working hard to clean our streets in town during the recent storm. Also, thanks to the State and County Highway crews for taking care of the roads and highways!

  Anytime we got together in Patriot as kids we would end up over at Harris Park with a pick-up baseball game. That’s what we did in the 60’s and early 70’s. Back then home plate was where left field is now. Usually, Donk Smith would show up to umpire. There was something about playing on the baseball diamond! Pretending to hit like Pete Rose or pitch like Billy McCool, who was from Lawrenceburg. Just about every boy played Little League back then. My first Little League team was the Dodgers (yes, I was disappointed I was not on the Reds), I remember the excitement of getting our tee shirt and hat. Our coaches were Bill Ray and Elmer Johnson. Bill’s son, Larry, was on our team. Larry was probably the best baseball player to ever come out of Switzerland County. He later played at Kentucky Wesleyan, and for the Houston Astros. We played on the field located next to the old Shoe Factory. Playing Little League was also a benefit in that we, (Patriot kids), met other kids from around the county that we would be attending junior and high school with.

  There was once a Presbyterian Church out on Highway 250 called the Zoar Presbyterian Church. It was located on the property where Donald and Lulu Belle Thomas live now. The church was organized in 1835, and the church building was erected in 1850. It was a brick building 35’ x 45’. Among the first Pastors were, the Reverend H.F. Morris of Rising Sun, who preached the dedication sermon, Franklin Sheldon, Horace Bushnell, John P. Williamson, Reverend Olmstead, William Cunningham, Freeman Gray, and John McNutt and wife. The church continued into the early part of the 1900’s. (Thanks to Martha Bladen and Barry Brown for this information).

  There are some really neat items on display at the Patriot General Store. One of the most interesting to me is a barrel that was made at the Patriot Cooper Shop, well over 100 years ago. It is owned by Posey Township resident, Joe Brady. Stop in and see it! There is also a sign in there that belonged to the Patriot High School FFA Chapter.

  Patrick and Missy Jones, Rosa, Aruzhan and Mason went to Cincinnati this past week. They had supper at the Texas Roadhouse in Kenwood, and later went to Winterfest at Kings Island.

  I traveled to Indianapolis on Friday, and had lunch with longtime friend Joe Hogsett. Joe grew up in Rushville, and served as the Indiana Secretary of State from 1989-1994. He is currently in his second term as the Mayor of Indianapolis. Joe had the distinction, I believe, of giving the last political speech in the gazebo on the Courthouse lawn in Vevay. It was in 1992 when he was running for the United States Senate. On the way home, I drove through Nashville, Indiana and visited friends and former students, Gwen, Vanessa and Abbey Warford, and Gwen’s daughter, Alice.

  It was good to talk on the phone this week with former Patriot resident and Switzerland County Prosecutor, Doug Leatherbury. Doug has lived and practiced law for many years in Salem, Indiana. He will begin his 55th year of practicing law in 2023, and shows no signs of slowing down! Doug attended Patriot Schools, but graduated from Vevay High School in 1959.

  It was great to see the Winter Book Giveaway for children Pre-K through Grade 2 in Patriot Saturday! Thanks to everyone who helped organize this and all of the volunteers! I remember going to the Patriot Library when I was a young boy. Lida Couch was the town librarian. I loved looking through all of the books! I still love going to libraries and bookstores.

  Friday was the funeral service for former Patriot Postmaster, Wanda Scranton. Prayers for all of the Scranton family.

  My Aunt, Janice Cook of Cross Plains celebrated her 86th Birthday this week! Janice was married to my Uncle Charles Cook, who passed away in 2013. Charles was a 1955 graduate of Patriot High School.

  I hope to soon have a story on author Augusta Stevenson who, at one time, was a Patriot resident. Altogether she wrote over 400 books, her most famous being “Childhood of Famous Americans”; which was a series of books and also, “Children’s Classics in Dramatic Form”. The beautiful house she lived in still sits on the banks of the Ohio on the west side of town. Thanks to my friend, Billie Reese Green for suggesting this story! Billie worked at the Library in Vevay for many years. Billie is a 1958 graduate of Patriot High School.

  Rosa and Mason Jones and Aruzhan spent New Year’s Eve with Leah Jones. They enjoyed pizza and games.

  The Patriot Town Board held its first meeting of the year on Tuesday, January 3rd. Terry Goodin, the Director of Rural Development for the State of Indiana was to attend the meeting.

Barrie’s Tidbits

  One never needs to make resolutions. Live healthy and happy and the world is yours!

  Roger Ebert, June18, 1942 – April 4, 2013, ah that dash again, means everything. That dash is your lifetime. Roger, a worldwide film critic and author has been a favorite of mine since the 1970’s.

  On April 19th-22nd, 2023 is the date of the next Ebertfest Film Festival will take place in Champaign, Illinois. Majority of you live nearby and could attend. If you have never been to a film festival what an opportunity awaits. A great little getaway.

  Spoke with Carol Ann Hutcherson Armstrong (PHS ‘61) New Year’s Eve, and she is basking in the sun and getting ready to go to a party. Carol Ann, I bet you will be that party! Ha Ha…She informed me that she has been able to visit with Bobby Kent (PHS 61) and his wife Janet (Peachie) Bennett Kent (PHS ‘62) who spends time down there during the winter months. Enjoy the warmth you guys! We are up here right now as well.

  Spoke with Bobbie Bond Patrick this week. Her family is home for the holidays and though they all have a bit of a cold are doing well and enjoying. I have not yet told Bobbie that for our birthdays a trip to Champagne in April might be possible and fun. Hey now she knows! She also informed me that her brother Craigie is doing well.

  The Fisk family is all doing great and enjoying the season. Pamela got to go home and visit with her sons and family for the holidays.

  Would love some news. Still waiting to hear from the Turner family. E-mail me Have a super week.

Mike’s Closing

  The New Year brought with it much warmer air! Here’s hoping that 2023 will be a great year! I would like to continue to expand the Patriot/Posey news, and if anyone has suggestions for stories, or news, please send to me at (812) 290-3088, or

  Until next week, in the words of Glen Campbell, “Remember to show a little kindness, and shine your light for everyone you meet”!