Patriot News 01/12/2023


  School Days at Patriot Elementary School.

  I started in the first grade in the 1963-1964 school year. My first-grade teacher was Mrs. Lillian Bosaw. My teachers for the rest of elementary school were: Grades 2 and 3 — Miss Dorothy Olcott, Grades 4 and 5 — Mrs. Evelyn Craig, and Grade 6 — Miss Edna Ascherman. The Principals I remember were: Floyd Snyder, Bill Roeschlein and Otis Noe. Custodians — Bob Couch and Terry Dick. Cafeteria workers I remember were: Ruth Craig, Nadine Hankinson and Edith Lyons. I remember Mrs. Louise Lostutter also used to substitute and work at school. Coaches who were there when I was in elementary school included coaches Nickels, Daugherty, Buell and also Otis Noe and I remember Jim Hutton also helping coach. Great memories for sure!

  At recess, we played on the playground that seemed so big to me as a first grader! We had a tall metal slide, merry-go-round, a teeter totter in the front, swing set in the back, and the “Johnny Strikes”; or “Giant Stride”;, which was a pole, with a carousel at the top, with ladder-like chains hanging down. You could run, hold on to the chain and go around and around, all the time trying to keep from hitting (or trying to hit) other children going around! We also had an outside basketball court next to the old cemetery.

  In the Fall and Spring, we would cross Columbia Street and play in the field across from the school. Bigger softball games would be played in the field behind the Old Patriot Jail. If anyone else has memories from Patriot Elementary School, feel free to reach out and share with me!

  My cousin, Shanna Cook is coming in to visit this week from New Orleans. Shanna’s grandfather was Ted Cook, who was a brother to my grandfather, Marshall Cook. They grew up on Bodey Hill, off Goose Creek Road. Shanna grew up near Canaan and graduated from Madison High School in 1991. She was a very good basketball player, earning a scholarship to play at the University of New Orleans. After graduating she was an assistant coach at New Orleans, Samford, Tulane and Columbia. She now lives and works in sales in New Orleans. Shanna’s parents were Gary and Beverly Kelly Cook, who are both deceased. Her brother Sean lives near Dupont, and sister, Nicole lives in New Orleans. Shanna had a brief, but busy stay here. She spent time visiting family, went to South Dearborn High School to watch her niece, Macy Cook, compete with the Switzerland County High School Cheerleaders in the Rivertown Classic, and attended the Cincinnati Bengals football game on Sunday, along with several family members. There’s never a “dull moment”; around Shanna!

  The Patriot Town Board met on Tuesday. Tony Rider was re-elected President for 2023. Indiana Director of Rural Development was present to make a presentation and answer questions as to how his office can partner with the town on projects.

  If you were around Patriot in the 1960’s, you probably came in contact with Raymond Northcutt. Raymond was a World War II veteran and was in a German Prisoner of War Camp in North Africa. His mother, Mrs. Wilber Stroud was notified in 1945 that her son, Raymond, whom she feared had been killed, was being liberated from the prisoner of war camp. She had not heard from him for 14 months. All efforts by the Army and the Red Cross to find him had been futile. I remember coming up Goose Creek with my grandfather and Raymond had caught a mess of fish including some large carp. He was telling us how good the carp were to eat if you prepared them properly, including the mud vein. Like most veterans of World War II, Raymond never talked much about his war experience. He did tell me that he wasn’t treated too severely by the Germans, but the conditions of the camp left a lot to be desired. Raymond is buried in the Concord Cemetery west of Patriot.

  Sympathy to the family of longtime Posey Township resident, Donald Thomas, who passed away on Saturday morning. Donald and his wife, Lulu Belle Powers Thomas and their children, Donna (Barry) and Anthony (Venita) lived at the top of 250 on the old Gurley farm for many years, and he and Lulu Belle resided in the beautiful log home on 250 near the Posey Firehouse, for many years. Donald and my father, Benjamin Franklin Jones, and his sister, Wandalee Jones Brown attended school together in Warsaw, Kentucky. Donald served in the United States Navy, and worked many years for General Motors in Norwood, Ohio, and also operated a family farm raising tobacco, hay, and cattle. He and Lulu Belle also always raised a big garden. They were accomplished musicians, playing bluegrass and gospel songs in many different venues. I rode the school bus with Donna and Anthony when we were all in school. Donald will be missed for sure.

  Patrick and Mason Jones attended the Rivertown Classic at South Dearborn High School this past week. They enjoyed watching the basketball games as well as seeing Aruzhan cheer with the Switzerland County Cheerleading Squad, and Rosa who played with the Switzerland County High School Pep Band.

  My mother, Leah Jones, had a very nice telephone conversation with her Aunt, Corrine Webster, of Dry Ridge, Kentucky this past week. Corrine’s late husband, Harvey Webster, was a bother to my grandmother, Thelma Webster Cook. They grew up near Jonesville, Kentucky.

  Mike and Marlene Jones, and Jarrod Van Winkle traveled to Dry Ridge, Kentucky on Saturday, to visit Monty Joe and Belinda Lovell and other family members for their annual Christmas Memories celebration. It is normally before Christmas, but was pushed back due to the severe weather we had in December. Helen Van Winkle, also known as “Baddiewinkle,” was present. Helen is 94 years old and became an Instagram celebrity several years ago when her granddaughter posted a picture of her on Instagram.

  Craigie Bond is continuing to do well following surgery a few weeks ago. Knowing Craigie, he will be back on the road as soon as possible!

  Being an avid birdwatcher, I have noticed several pileated woodpeckers lately. They are beautiful birds for sure. If you want to enjoy watching birds, take a drive-up Lower Goose Creek Road! You may see Eagles, Kingfishers, Great Blue Herons and many other species!

  It was great to have former classmate, Teresa Peebles Jester at Church on Sunday morning! Teresa lives in Rising Sun now. We attended elementary school at Patriot and high school together in Vevay. Another fellow Patriot Elementary and Switzerland County High School classmate also attends Patriot Baptist Church, Lois McKay!

Barrie’s Tidbits

  Maya Angelou once said, “I have learned that people will forget what you said, will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

  Mr. and Mrs. John (Nancy PHS 63) Stivers are announcing the birth of their first Great Granddaughter, Presli. She was born on December 15th, 2022. Parents are Preston and Lauren Faulkner of Vevay Indiana. Proud Grandmother is Melissa Stivers Smith, also of Vevay. Welcome to our wonderful world Presli.

  Speaking of Nancy. I was very relieved when she phoned me to inform me that one of our classmates, Bonnie Dilts Gray, contacted her and gave her information of her new address and phone number. We did not know of her whereabouts or status for over a year. It took the passing of Janet Cook Boggs (PHS 63) to prompt Bonnie to contact someone. As a result, I was able to speak with Bonnie and was happy to hear that she is doing well and living in Florence, Kentucky.

  Happy Birthday wishes are going out to Connie Koons Fisk this week. Hi Connie, so happy to have you in my family, for all these O’ so many years! Happy Days.

  Pamela Fisk Hutchinson has informed me that her Orthopedic Surgeon will be able to perform knee replacement surgery, which has given her such discomfort over the past few years. Date of surgery is forthcoming. Good luck Pam and so happy to hear that bit of news.

  Please, those of you who do not live in Patriot but wish to see one beautiful small village come on over for a visit and stop into the newly re-done Patriot Grocery Marketplace. Changes happening there.

  Til next week, be happy and stay safe.

Mike’s Closing

  Thanks for reading our Patriot/Posey News! We look forward to continuing throughout 2023! Please contact us with news “we can use”;! I can be contacted at (812) 290-3088 or Barrie can be contacted at (828) 335-8270 or

  Until next week, in the immortal words of Glen Campbell, “remember to try a little kindness and shine your light for everyone you meet.”