Patriot News 01/02/2020


 The calendar indicates it is winter but thankfully the temperatures have been almost spring like. Regardless, it will soon be 2020 and this poem that Martha Bladen posted on Facebook is nearly perfect:  

Winter Solstice Blessing

May the longest night and the shortest day,

Bring rest to your mind and soul, I pray.

May you find guidance and may you find peace,

As the cycle of light will slowly increase.

Embrace the magic that the darkness bears,

Breath deep in the chill and shift in the air.

May you always be blessed with the light from within,

And may well-being be yours as the cycle begins.


  Prayers of comfort to all families that have experienced the loss of a loved one this year especially those of Lois Rosenberger, Galen Green, Travis Bailey and Scott Hilligoss.

  Prayer List:  Firefighter Ron Brunner, Barbara Barnhill, Nick Vogelsang, Eva Fette, Connie Knight, Reverend Steve Ward, Eric Simon, Abby Galbreath, Ellyn Kern and Jerry Brown, John Campbell, Sharon and Bill Levell, Jake and Mickie Rader, Patty Banschbach and Red HOT Hatters Carla Burt, Mary Christiani, Sandy Dawson, Juanita Giltner, Barb Dowdy, Laura Riga and June Lack.

  The following recipe would be a blast to do with little kids: ‘Bear Claw Cookies’. It seems to me that a very ‘resourceful’ person could even use prepackaged cookie dough and simply decorate each cookie but if you want to do this the ‘proper’ way, here goes:

Bear Claw Cookies

3/4 C. Unsalted Butter

1 C. Sugar

1/2 C. Light Brown Sugar

1 Egg + 1 Egg yolk

1 T. Vanilla extract

1 tsp. Baking Soda

2 tsp. Cornstarch

1/2 tsp. Salt

2 C. Flour

1 bag (24) Dark Chocolate Melting Wafers


1 bag Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips

  Mix together the softened butter, brown sugar and sugar until creamy. Add in the egg and egg yolk, vanilla and beat to combine. Add in the baking soda, cornstarch, salt and flour and beat until a soft dough forms. Using a small ice cream scoop, scoop dough and roll it.

  Line cookie sheet with parchment paper. Place rolled dough onto cookie sheet and bake 9-12 minutes at 350 degrees. Once cookies are baked, place a melting wafer into the center of the cookie for the pad of the paw and 3 chocolate chips above the paw for the claws.

  Let cookies cool for about 30 minutes before enjoying!


Starting on the right foot

  Beginning in 1996, I have started off each new year with my own set of resolutions and goals. And each year since then, I have focused on the same acronym G-O-L-F to add focus to my life. To be more:



L-Lovely (or Lovable)

F- Frugal

  “Godly” is pretty much self-explanatory. Placing God first and foremost in my life.

  “Orderly” refers to putting my life in order: my home, my business and my personal affairs.

  “Lovely” actually is better defined as becoming more worthy of the love of God, my family and my friends. My goal is to become someone who loves and is loved.

  “Frugal” reverts back to finances. Putting what I have been entrusted with into the best possible use for myself, others and God.

  To strive for better implementation, I have included these goals into my very own Prayer Partner.

  Having attended one of Bill Gaither’s Praisegatherings in Indianapolis years ago, I met and became mesmerized by Becky Tirabassi. Becky is a Christian author, life coach, pastor and motivational speaker and publishes her own study and prayer guides. I bought one. But the Prayer Partner I have today is totally my own invention. Starting with her guidelines, I have personified mine to include my own favorite Bible verses, praise songs and tidbits from everyone from Mother Teresa to Billy Graham and Chonda Pierce. It’s part journal, part hymnal and part scrapbook.

  Early each morning I try to start my day — preferably outside with my breath-taking view of the Ohio River and my Prayer Partner. It helps me start my day on the right foot with my mind and heart centered on the most important aspects of my life — God and love.

  I encourage everyone to create their own Prayer Partner. Get a loose leaf notebook, some filler paper, a good ink pen and sequester yourself for as long as you can. Add your favorite Bible verses and prayers. Psalm 3 is a good place to start. Also consider adding the Serenity Prayer, the Beatitudes and the Prayer of St. Francis. I’ve cut up an old church missalette and taped my favorite praise and worship songs onto some of the pages. “Be Not Afraid” by Robert Dufford has inserted itself into my book three times. There are no rules, and everything is admissible. Mine even includes a couple of cartoons cut from a newspaper.

  But don’t forget your Prayer List. Praying for others is one of our most important responsibilities. 


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