Patriot looks at riverbank options


Patriot Town Council held its monthly utility business meeting on Tuesday, January 15th, at town hall. All members were present as the meeting was called to order and the pledge and prayer were given.

Patriot /Posey Park and Recreation Board president Roy Boling introduced Sanjay Patel and Nicholas Jahn from V.S. Engineering.

The firm will be assisting the council and park board in the process of determining what options are in everyone’s best interest on the riverbank stabilization. Based on the Strand proposal and their own assessments, they believe the options will need to be combined to satisfy most parties, residents, Corp., IDNR, IDEM.

Some of the options to use are large rip-rap and gabion baskets, combined with bio-engineering and native plantings. Cost assessment studies are available as well as flood insurance and FEMA studies. Hydraulic and hydrological studies will need to be done. VS Engineering left proposal for Council to peruse.

Shannon McLeod from Priority Project Resources (PPR) was present to introduce her firm and offer assistance to council in the areas of grant writing and administration. Shannon was active with SERPC for a number of years before starting PPR. Over $30 million has been acquired as a direct result of the work completed by Priority Project Resources. Jim Caudill made a motion to pursue a planning grant for the sewer plant and engage the services of Priority Project Resources. Danielle Hutchinson seconded the motion. All in favor.

– Strand representative Bruce Rape requested the bid date on the tank painting project which was recently bid. After some discussion, a motion was made to paint the East Enterprise and Pleasant tanks contingent on confirmation of funds from accountant and award the bid to Kountoupes, the apparent low bidder combined.

– Bastin Logan will over pump the new well at Patriot in an attempt to clear it up and at the utility’s expense of $2,200.

– Johnson controls gave an update on the automated meter read project, all is moving well.

– Clerk/Treasurer Linda Fisk presented a preliminary draft of the 2008 utility budget.

– Council president Cindy Kerr presented draft of new employee handbook. The customer rules and regulation book and the user agreement was also reviewed.

– Council approved the removal of three meters on the Demaree account.

– Recommendations from Office Supply to update office to make it more efficient were looked at. No decisions were made as more information is needed.

– Superintendent Sherry Ogden reported the crews fixed four leaks. In between leaks, the crews have been painting walls, floors, and pipes in all the buildings because the pipes don’t sweat in winter.

– Patriot wells have pumped 5,429,800 gallons of water while the Florence wells pumped 23,780,000 gallons.

– On December 23rd the electric went off and the back up generator kicked on but didn’t turn back off when the electric was restored. The transfer switch was burnt and Barry Electric will replace it at no cost to the utility.

– Sherry Ogden introduced a new employee Neil Stewart. He started on January 25th.

– Employee job descriptions are still being worked on.

– Cindy Kerr questioned the status of a back up generator for the town hall. She will contact Darrell Kasson.

– Member Danielle Hutchinson reported her progress in the cell phone search and will report back later.

– Council told George Miller to get a price to remove a tree on the corner of 2nd and Main streets.

– Council accepted a quote of $6,000 to raze the building on the corner of 3rd and Main streets.

– Randy Wolf from Wastewater Solutions will be here next week to help assess the treatment plant.

– All employees assisted TNT in pulling and replacing a pump on lift station #1; as well as a pump on the plant as both indicated a seal was worn out. The seals will be replaced and put in storage. Sherry Ogden was happy to report that recent test results reflect the maintenance the system has been receiving.

– A proposal for insulation and a steam washer was submitted and the council told Sherry Ogden to get at least one more on each for comparison. The insulation is for the maintenance barn and the steam washer will be used to remove grease and detergent buildup in the lift stations.

– A motion was made to approve the monthly bills then seconded. No further business was in front of council and the meeting was adjourned. The next utility business meeting will be February 19th and is open to the public.