Patriot holds town election for first time in 24 years


It was November of 1983 the last time that the residents of Patriot had to go to the polls to elect members of the Patriot Town Council.

With a slate of four candidates, the townspeople of Patriot returned to the polls Tuesday, electing a new member of the council and reelecting two others.

Over the years, Patriot elections have been held in caucuses, as the three candidates emerging from the caucus faced no opposition in the general election – making an election unnecessary.

This year, three Democrats were joined on the ballot by a Republican, making the election necessary.

There were actually five candidates on the ballot, but Republican Jack Bell was ruled to be ineligible after he filed because he does not live in the town limits of Patriot.

Overall, there were just 48 votes cast in town out of a possible 139 registered voters, meaning that nearly 35-percent went to the polls. Eligible voters were residents of Posey I precinct living in the town limits.

Democrat councilwoman Cindy Kerr was the leading vote getter on the day, earning 45 votes; while current council president James Caudill was right behind with 43 votes. Both were elected to four year terms.

The new council member in Patriot will be Democrat Danielle Hutchinson, who was elected to a first term with 32 votes. She will take office in January, and will assume the seat currently held by councilman Darrell Kasson, who did not seek reelection.

Republican Kay Cook finished with 15 votes; and Jack Bell finished with seven votes.

There were 10 “straight ticket” ballots cast for Democrats; and three for the Republicans.

Linda Fisk, deputy clerk-treasurer in Patriot, was elected as the town’s new clerk-treasurer on Tuesday, running unopposed and earning 40 votes. Longtime clerk-treasurer Pam Hutchinson chose not to run for reelection.