Patriot and Posey Township News 11-30-18


When last we ‘spoke’, I was lost somewhere in the twilight zone. I wish I could say it’s been a fun trip but not so much. I’m still sleeping, eating and working on some pretty strange schedules but an end is near. Due to circumstances beyond my control again, I will return to my previously planned status of being forever retired before Christmas. Si la vie! Such is life. Only God knows His plan and as always, His plans are far better for me than any I can come up with. “Farther along, we’ll all understand it; Farther along, we’ll understand why!”

Hats off to Clyde “Gink” Poling who turned 86 years young on November 24th! Probably the best birthday present he could ever have was Mary Ruth at this side. She’s home now from the hospital and daughter Jennifer reports that she is officially on the mend.

Residents of the Town of Patriot are encouraged to stop by the Post Office, Fisk’s Grocery or Town Hall and sign up for your preferred date for this year’s Town Christmas Dinner. Traditionally its always been on Sunday. Last year, the Park Board moved it to Saturday. It was decided at the November 6th Patriot Town Board Meeting that the residents should make the decision. Regardless of the day, the Dinner will be the third weekend of December. The final decision will be announced at the December Town Board Meeting to be held at 6p.m. on December 6th at the Patriot Town Hall located at 352 3rd Street in Patriot.

The November meeting of the Red Hot Hatters was held on Thursday, November 16th at Shell’s in Vevay. Sandy Dawson presided in my absence. In attendance with Sandy were: Dottie Keeton, Deanna Graham, Lisa Fisher, Eileen Weismann, Joyce Johnson, Claudia Dawson, Melodee Stepleton, Juanita Giltner and (eventually) Kay Cook.

Plans are also underway for the Red HOT Hatter Christmas luncheon at Patty’s Reach on Monday, December 11th. We have agreed upon a $10 gift exchange. The cost of the meal will be no more than $15 per person. Friends and family are welcome! Hats are not required! And there is no membership fee! Anyone wishing to attend may do so by contacting Kay Cook at (812) 594-2281 prior to December 4th. Patty’s Reach Farmstead is located at 8651 Little Hominy Ridge Road in Florence, Indiana.

It has been decided that beginning in 2018, all Red HOT Hatter monthly meetings will occur on the third Thursday of the month at 11 a.m. The January 18th, 2018 meeting is planned for Jewell’s on Main in Warsaw, Kentucky.

Prayers of healing for Leah Dunaway, Jake Rader, Pam Hutchinson, Mary Ruth Poling, Colton Schirmer, Erin Schmitt, Leona Ware, Travis Griffith, Wayne Dawson and June Lack.

In the “Lessons Learned” category this week, the old fashioned holidays are still the best! This Thanksgiving I traveled to my sister’s home north of Indy and delighted in the mix of ages and personalities of my own family (and their friends). Nothing better. Ever. Period.

In the “Critter Corner” this week, I ran across some interesting tidbits on black cats which at last count, I now have three. The majority of black cats are male. The only recognized Black Cat breed is known as the Bombay. Many have golden eyes, because of the high melanin pigment content in their bodies. Likewise, they are likely to have a better immune system because of the high content of melanin. A cat with black fur and white roots is known as ‘black smoke’. They have their very own “Black Cat Appreciation Day”: August 17th. And they “rust”! Or at least that’s what it is called when black cats get too much sun and their coats appear to be dotted with brown, reddish spots.

My precious SamE Chin made it to the seventeenth day of November 2017 and the ripe old age of 17 and a half years before he left for the Rainbow Bridge. Talk about a perfect little dog, that was Sam. When I adopted him through the Lucky Chin Rescue at a little over one year of age, I became his third and last owner. Sight unseen, I flew from Indianapolis to Manchester, New Hampshire to pick him up and bring him home. He did not enjoy the trip back even though it was inside the pressurized cabin and inside a carrier under the seat in front of me but once we made it home, he never left my side. He was the prettiest little sable Japanese Chin that I’ve ever seen primarily red with the most majestic, long white tail God ever blessed a puppy dog with and highlights of black around his head and face. He carried that tail high and it made an awesome curve up and over his back. He gave me over sixteen years of his love and dedication and it’s hard to believe he’s gone.

Many pet lovers are familiar with the concept of the Rainbow Bridge and there are many, many different versions. This abbreviated version is dedicated to SamE Chin:


There’s a special place our dear pets go,

When their time on earth is through

The Rainbow Bridge, not far away,

Makes all our pets brand new.

Their health restored, they wait for us

Just this side of Heaven.

Then when it’s time, we’ll reunite

And cross the Bridge together.

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