Patriot and Posey Township 6-29-17


What a beautiful day Sunday was! Barely surviving the yard sale on Saturday, I was exhausted, sun burnt and nursing an ugly wound to my left foot. I used the foot injury as an excuse to go barefoot, plant myself on my porch next to the napping cats and the sleeping dogs all day and simply read and vegetate. Obviously I couldn’t mow with a bad paw so I simply enjoyed the gorgeous weather – clear skies, gentle breeze and the smell of honeysuckle and lilies! From there I had a nice visit with Kassidy and Allen Widner who were out riding: Kassidy on her horse and Allen on a bicycle. Awesome folks. Fun visit. Later in the evening, I caught up with Brian Hughes at the Pavilion just in time to witness Raymond Clayton catch a huge blue catfish off of the Town Dock! I ran to the house and grabbed a tape measure and it measured a full 34 inches easily. Unable to weigh it, we photographed it and Raymond released it. It’s the largest fish that I personally have seen caught in my 12 years in Patriot but Raymond is confident that there’s one still out there bigger. I completed my fun day when my neighbor Robin Lawson returned home, introduced her to Brian and Raymond and of course, relayed my big fish story – that was true!

I am so happy to report that we have had Rocky and Pam sightings in Patriot! Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson with son Richie were out and about for a stroll the other day and then a day or two later, I saw Rocky on his porch with his brother, Carl.

Speaking of sightings, if you folks in Vevay think you are seeing Rupert from the ‘Survivor’ competition, you probably are. Mr. Boneham, who is famous for winning the show in the past, currently runs “Rupert’s Kids”, an Indianapolis-based program serving at-risk youth. It is my understanding that members of his extended family have purchased summer property just outside of Vevay. I personally met the gentleman a few years ago while working as a hospice volunteer and he is truly a kind, sensitive and compassionate guy. A very hearty welcome to him and his family!

Congratulations to Connie and David Fisk, Patriot residents and the proud owners of Fisk Grocery, on their 42nd Anniversary this Wednesday, June 28th!

Jennifer Poling rocks! Good luck, My Friend, on your new position at the Rising Sun Shell! Jennifer and I worked together at the Dollar General Store but she lasted a lot longer than I did. (Long story!)

Monday was a crazy day for me as I picked up Switzerland County Shelter Shuffle shirts for the Red HOT Hatters and remnants of the county wide yard sale from Joyce Johnson and Charlene Goff for the Red HOT Hatters to sell. I was also able to stop for short visits with Tom and Claudia Dawson and Jan Bixler. As a true blue Mimosa tree lover, I attempted to persuade the Dawsons to try their hand at the gorgeous tree. Their yard is spacious and with my expert guidance, I am sure there will be a Mimosa there eventually.

Tuesday I made the Concordia Ladies Meeting (from the Concord Community Church) hosted by Sharon Coplen at her home. In attendance with me were Wanda Benzing, Cleo Detmer, Bonnie Schreiner, Lulu Belle Thomas, Joann Hon, Sharon Ward and Mary Christiani. Cleo gave the lesson per se and shared her Alaskan trip that she and Albert shared with granddaughter Allison Detmer. Prayer concerns included Jay Benzing, Sharon Coplen and Joann Hon. Their next meeting will be at the Concord Community Church on July 18th at 6 p.m. Bonnie Schreiner will be the hostess.

Wednesday, sporting my new Shelter Shuffle shirt (tie dye gold and yellow with raspberry print), I attended the Patriotic Rosary – again with Sharon Ward and Mary Christiani; also Wendy Yanikoski, Stasia Wiseman and Gerry Peters. Prayer concerns included Nancy Peters and Wendy’s mother. Afterwards my “usual” was just as good as always at AJ’s where my BFF Wendy continues to be her bubbly self, spreading her joy and laughter for all to share. (Cough, cough!)

The regularly scheduled July Patriot Town Board meeting will be held on Monday, July 10th and starting at 6 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. The Patriot Town Hall is located at 352 3rd Street in Patriot. All are welcome to attend.

The Bargain Alley was rained out for Friday but Saturday, with a carload of Concord Church sale items and two carloads of Red HOT Hatter goodies, I did pretty well. I even managed to sell some of my own stuff for once. There were also Yard Sales at Sue Vansickle’s home and the intersection where Debbie Hankinson was set up. This was the best sale for me so far so I am going to try it again this coming weekend: Friday, June 30th and Saturday, July 1st from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. At least one of my neighbors is expected to set up with me. Everyone is welcome – no charge. I had a rather diversified group of shoppers including some motorcycle riders from Kentucky. Visiting Red HOT Hatters were Jan Bixler and Sandy Dawson. Wayne accompanied Sandy, of course. I met a new neighbor Ernie Powell and his pooch ‘Daisy’. Both Sue Vansickle and Linda Smith stopped by followed by a drive down the alley by dad Joe as I was closing up. In addition to the girls’ clothing and shoes from Concord, I have miscellaneous clothing and household items for the Red HOT Hatters. Obviously, all proceeds from the sale of the Concord Church items will go back to the church. All Red HOT Hatters monies will be donated to the Antoinette “Toni” Kniola Memorial Fund at the Community Foundation. As far as my own things, I intend to part with a free-standing metal clothes closet, a Plexiglas marine storage chest, some gardening supplies, dog stuff, ‘Betty Boop’ goodies and my favorite river float. We utilize the alley that runs beside the Patriot Baptist Church.

Our next Red HOT Hatters meetings are scheduled as follows: Wednesday, July 12th at 11 a.m. at Roxano’s in Vevay; Monday, August 15th at 11 a.m. at Crossroads in Versailles; and Wednesday, September 13th at the ‘Beef N Boards’ Dinner Theater in Indianapolis.

This will be the second year for the Red HOT Hatters to attend the “Beef N Boards Dinner Theater” and this time to see the musical production of West Side Story on Wednesday, September 13th for the 1 p.m. matinee. The play will cost a total of $34 each and includes the buffet before as well as the production. Taxes and gratuities included. This will be an all day affair as the doors open at 11 a.m., the buffet runs from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with the production beginning at 1 p.m. There will be carpooling again this year and we will probably leave Vevay around 8:45 a.m. Everyone is invited! This event is open to the public! Husbands, boyfriends, etc. included! Call Kay Cook at (812) 594-2281 for any additional information.

In the “Lessons Learned” category this week, having too many pets I have learned some tricks to help cope with declining health, loss of sight and loss of hearing. My Sam is a deaf, sable colored 17 year old Japanese Chin that unfortunately is also becoming disoriented nowadays. Having utilized bells on the collars of the two Terrible Twin Tomcats to 1) give the birds a chance to survive and 2) assist in locating their black, sleek panther-like bodies even at night, I decided to try a bell on Sam, not to protect the birds, but to assist me in tracking his movements. And it works – of course, his bell is a Christmas bell and therefore easily distinguishable from the kitties. At his advanced age, his life is pretty much a continued rotation of sleep, potty, eat, potty, sleep. With the bell, I am alerted that he is awake and transitioning to his next stage. The kicker is it’s working especially inside at night but also outside in the fenced in yard when he gets ‘lost’ in a flowerbed or behind the shed. Trust me, calling for a deaf dog is truly a waste of time. So he maintains a great deal of his independence while I am able to better tend to his needs in a timely fashion.

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