Patriot and Posey Township


Nothing like being ‘fooled’ by 64 of your family and friends for your 80th birthday -but that’s exactly what happened to Willie Romans last Saturday.

A lifelong resident of Patriot, Willie was set up on the pretense of helping a family member with a locked vehicle, but instead he ended up at the Rising Sun Masonic Lodge around 1 p.m. on April 1st and the surprised guest of honor of a celebration of his 80th birthday.

Instrumental in the shenanigans were daughters Teresa Miller and Charjeana Thomas; along with family friends Julie James and Monica Curry.

Born on March 30th, 1937 in a log cabin on Meades Ridge, newborn Willie and his mother received a house call from then local Doctor Copeland, who arrived by boat! The historic 1937 Flood displaced the family, but didn’t stop Willie from making his grand entrance.

Retired from Seagram’s, he has always trapped, fished and hunted along the Ohio River. His party decorations were even in camouflage and the marble cake was specially designed to look like a dirty river – complete with chocolate shavings representing floating debris and driftwood. Of course to complete the cake, there was Willie in a boat, fishing – with one on the hook. Dinner included both pork and fried chicken and numerous side dishes.

Those in attendance included: Teresa and Dale Miller; Julie James; Evan and Blake Ramseyer; Robbie, Sam, Bradley, Brayden and Brendan Miller; Billy Romans; Charjeana, Gale and Nathan Thomas; Joe Duckworth; Liz and Bentley Thomas; Bonnie, Tiffany, Jeremy, Taylor, Lexie, Kenna and Myles Carrigan; Stephany Abplannalp and Alyssia and Isaiah; Mark Huber; Monica and Alan Curry; Benny, Tammy, Jazmyn and Hunter Curry; Mark, Tiffany, Lexie and Kyla Curry; Bev and Mick Mathews; Janet and Gary Scott; Butch and Shirley Scott; Gene Ott; Nancy Barker and Lism Brown; Darla McAlister; Danny and Apryle York; Mallie York; Laura Schroder; Bernice Koons; Cheryl and Ethan Hussong; Fran, Amber, Logan and Carter Quintanilla; Alfred and Joyce Woodruff; Lou and Libby Wheeler; Gina and David Ballard; Mark and Diane Nastold; Joyce Pemberton and Lilyayonna.