Patriot and Posey Township 10-27-16


I’ve overcome a lot in my life. During my 35 plus years in law enforcement, I have faced many adversaries and always seem to come out on top. This week, however, I am attempting to overcome a major problem and I am not currently winning. This week I am electronically challenged.  My six-year old laptop has unceremoniously ‘died’.

Of course it decided to die at the most inopportune time – when I turned it on to do this article. Therefore this week’s article is being written completely on my cell phone, typed completely with one finger and will be brief.

This past Sunday was still another beautiful day. My endorphins were running wild again.

I am glad that they have decided to go forth with the Halloween parade in Vevay. We in Patriot are still planning on a “Trunk ‘n Treat” at the intersection of Highways 156 and 250 on Halloween (Monday) between the hours of 6-8 p.m. All are invited to participate.

I am likewise sad to hear that there will no longer be a Relay for Life next year. The Red HOT Hatters participated as a team for the first  time this year.

Having participated myself in the past, I was very disappointed in this year’s event. I wish this meant that cancer has been cured, but we all know that is not true.

The November meeting of the Red HOT Hatters will be hosted by Cheryl McMillan and will be at Switzer Square in Vevay on Wednesday, November 9th at 11 a.m. The dinner will again be a pitch-in and the theme is “Soup and Salad”. Everyone is welcome!

Please, please, please! Vote! The Patriot Town Hall will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 1st and 2nd. On November 1st, voting will be from 8 a.m. to noon. On November 2nd, voting will be from 2-6 p.m. Patriot Town Hall is located at 352 3rd Street at the corner of 3rd and Front Streets and houses the offices of the Patriot Water Company.

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