Patriot and Posey Township 1-18-18


It was a busy week for me which was good because out of frustration, I whacked about four inches of my hair off Monday. I literally did not leave enough behind to vent any more of my frustration. A month post-op and I am still dealing with a not-so-great shoulder with a very limited range of motion making curling and combing my hair a not-so-fun endeavor. So, whack! Frustration – not eliminated – but alleviated.

My sincere condolences to Sylvia Byars and family on the passing of her beloved father Harold Sims on Tuesday. And condolences and prayers of comfort to the family of Gary Cook (not related) who perished in a fire at his Jefferson County home on Saturday.

Tuesday, I attended the monthly meeting of the Switzerland County Republicans. Our guest speaker was Greg Pence, the Vice President’s older brother and current candidate to replace Luke Messer, who is running for the Senate. Greg is very personable and quite interesting. The 2018 Lincoln Day Dinner will be held at Belterra Casino Resort and Spa on Saturday, March 24th. Tickets will be $50 per person, $90 per couple and $450 for a table of eight. Information about advertising and purchasing tickets is forthcoming.

Wednesday, I spent in Shelbyville still dealing with the “dead” Caddy there. At least it’s now in Indy but the nightmare continues.

Thursday, I made my monthly trek to Indy for the Retired Police Officers’ Meeting aka Retired “Old Farts” where I supped with 1974 I.P.D. academy classmates Barry Jefferies and Dave Coffman. Dave and wife T.J. were the angels that brought me home after my surgery.

I barely got home before it was time to leave for the Ogle Haus and the 2018 Kickoff Dinner hosted by the Switzerland County Tourism Office. Martha Bladen, also a friend of John Campbell’s, was delighted to read that he and I had visited recently. Everyone in attendance was introduced and allowed to address the other attendees with their own unique thoughts and concerns about county wide tourism. My emphasis was that Patriot is a part of Switzerland County and we would appreciate more support from other county residents. Of course, the 4th of July Festivities are indeed our proudest contribution and as the only incorporated town in the United States with the name of Patriot, we consider our Parade the best.

Friday before the snow hit, I returned to Cincy and my friend John N. Campbell. We, in turn returned to his favorite restaurant Demetrios at 2132 Losantiville Ave. in Cincinnati for lunch. John has promised me that if I eat the same cod that he enjoys every Friday I too will live to be 92. I did partake of the same meal and likewise very much enjoyed it. Armed with a copy of last week’s newspaper, we shared the account of my previous encounter with the owner Carl Vasiliou and the original owners Gloria and Jim, his parents. Again, the food was fantastic. And the baklava! Exquisite! John says that he is in heaven twice a week: on Sunday when he goes to church and Friday, when he goes to Demetrios!

At the Patriot post office afterwards, I was able to speak with Marilyn Cook again about the deadly attack on her dog Jack last month. The owner of the dog has been identified and the dog was impounded by the Animal Control Officer. Simply no excuse is acceptable.

Saturday, I attended the funeral mass for parishioner Jean Dettenwanger at the Most Sorrowful Mother of God Catholic Church prior to our normal rosary and mass.

Prayers of healing for Fritz Korn, Teresa Winters, John Campbell, Jake Rader, Betty Hutchinson, Pam Hutchinson, Colton Schirmer, Erin Schmitt, Leona Ware, Travis Griffith, Wayne Dawson, Tony Christiani and Red HOT Hatters Carol Ann Armstrong, Joyce Johnson, Mary Christiani and June Lack. Special prayers for the two-year-old grandson of Connie McCarthy, Lucas Winter.

The next meeting of the Patriot Town Board will be Tuesday, February 6 at 6 p.m. The meetings are held at the Patriot Town Hall located at 352 3rd Street. All meetings are open to the public.

In the “Lessons Learned” category this week, I am very consciously attempting to separate perception from reality. The older I get, the more I realize that my perception of myself is not necessarily realistic. After all, I ‘feel’ like I am still 40-ish and just as strong and healthy as I have always been. Not! Reality has hit me right square between the eyes and I realize that I am getting older and weaker and far more limited than I want to admit. Bummer!

In the “Critter Corner” this week, my Japanese Chin named Yoda also has a problem distinguishing perception from reality. He ‘thinks’ he’s a tiny Chihuahua but, he’s more like a 30-pound polar bear cub. So as not to be too harsh with him, instead of picking him up to be held like he wants me to do, I sit down and coax him up to sit beside me. He gets his share of puppy loving and I don’t have to engage a bulldozer to pick him up.

I received a very nice card and note from Mary Ruth Poling. She wanted to thank me for all the prayers we sent her way during her illness and hospitalization and wish me best on my recovery. No wonder she and Patty Chase have been such dear friends for so long! She and Gink and of course daughter Jennifer are very special people to me, too.

Special thanks to Dianna “Jodi” Winslow for her beautiful card and patience. She sent me a letter a couple of months ago asking for a recipe. Well, I don’t have a printer at home and wanted to make sure that Dianna and Jodi were the same person, so I laid the letter aside. Oops! So now she has sent a beautiful get-well card telling me to forget everything but getting better. I am so ashamed! Jodi, here is your recipe:



For the Cake

1 box devil’s food cake, plus ingredients called for on box

2 c. peanut butter, melted

1 c. chopped Reese’s PB cups

1 c. Reese’s pieces

For the frosting

1 c. peanut butter

10 tbsp. unsalted butter, softened

2 c. powdered sugar

2 tsp. pure vanilla extract

1/4 tsp. kosher salt

1-2 tbsp. heavy cream


1. Bake cake: Preheat oven to 350° and line a 9-x-13″ pan with parchment paper. Prepare cake batter according to package instructions and pour into prepared pan. Bake about 25 minutes. Let cake cool completely.

2. Using the end of a wooden spoon, poke holes all over cake. Then pour melted peanut butter over the entire cake, filling the holes. Set aside.

3. Make frosting: In a large bowl, using an electric mixer, cream together peanut butter and butter. Add powdered sugar, vanilla and salt and beat until light and fluffy. Gradually beat in cream to loosen frosting, if needed.

4. Spread frosting all over the top of the cake. Top with chopped Reese’s and Reese’s Pieces.


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