Parents: Time deadline drawing near for two part Hepatitis A vaccine shots


While most students at the Ohio County Elementary School have received the required Hepatitis A shots, there is a concern that middle school and high school students have not.

“We’re in a time crunch,” according to superintendent Branden Roeder. The vaccine comes in two doses which must be administered six months apart.

The Indiana State Legislature now includes immunizations for current and incoming students against the Hepatitis A virus.

The change directly affects students who are currently enrolled at Ohio-County Elementary Middle School as well as new enrollees. These immunizations must be completed and documentation turned in by the start of the 2017-2018 school year. An updated immunization record that includes the Hepatitis A vaccine is required for every students enrolled.

Immunizations can be administered by your family doctor or at the local health department. The local health department offers immunizations free of charge by appointment, if you do not have health insurance.

For questions or concerns, please contact Jamie Works R.N., Director of Health Services at 812-438-2626, your family physician,

or contact the Ohio County Health Department at 812-438-2551.

The school’s website ( reports, in compliance with Indiana State Law, students who do not comply with the immunization changes will be excluded from school after the 20th day of the new school year. If the above listed immunizations are not complete by August 31, 2017 your child will be excluded from school and counted as an unexcused absent starting September 1, 2017. Waivers with extensions will only be granted in extreme circumstances.