Pacers fall to Southwestern in Tuesday night ORVC clash, 59-52


The Switzerland County Pacer varsity basketball team traveled to Southwestern Tuesday night and came home with a disappointing loss, 59-52.

The Rebels started out with two three-pointers in the first quarter to go ahead 6-0. With five minutes left in the opening period, Travis Webster stole the ball and went down the court for a lay-up for two points. The Rebels then hit two buckets and a foul shot to take an 11-2 lead on the Pacers.

The Pacers then tried to gain the lead with Chancey May hitting a three-pointer with 3:53 left in the period.

B.J. Shelton followed with two points and Mat Deaton went to the foul line and hit one of two foul shots.

The Pacers were getting close, with the score now 11-8. Rebels finished off the quarter by scoring seven more points in the last minute ending the period 18-8.

Scoring during the second quarter was close 9-8 but, the Rebels still outscored the Pacers. The Pacers didn’t need “close” — what they needed was to make up for the 10 points they were behind from the first quarter.

During the second stanza, Mat Deaton scored a bucket for two and went to the foul line twice — hitting all four of his shots. Chancey May also chipped in two points in the period, which ended with the Rebels ahead 27-16.

The third period was close again in scoring but the Rebels were still ahead leading 15-12 in scoring for the quarter.

Mat Deaton started the third period by scoring two points. The Rebels came back with their own two points.

B.J. Shelton answered back with a bucket for two of his own. The Rebels Tyler Adams then hit a three-pointer and Jacob McVey chipped in two points making it a 34-20 game. B.J. Shelton then hit another bucket for two points. The Rebels came again with another three-pointer not giving the Pacers a chance to get ahead.

With three minutes left in the quarter Travis Webster made a nice pass to T.J. Sefton who chipped in two points. With 1:46 left to play in the period Mat Deaton scored again for two, 37-26. The Rebels responded again with McVey scoring two buckets and a foul shot made giving the Rebels a now 42-26 lead.

With just seconds left Ben Hickman finished the quarter by chipping in his two points, 42-28.

The fourth quarter was a hot one for Coach David Todd’s Pacers outscoring the Rebels 24-17. But it was not enough and a little too late for the Pacers.

Chancey May started out the quarter scoring two. The Rebels then scored two of their own. B.J. Shelton hit two buckets within a minute of each other scoring four more. A foul shot was taken by the Rebels and McVey chipped in two, a 47-35 ball game.

Josh Snow then hit a bucket that added two more for the Pacers.

T.J. Sefton went to foul line and was two for two, 47-39. The Rebels responded again with a couple of buckets of their own. Chancey May then hit two and Travis Webster followed chipping in two points.

The Rebels came back with a three-pointer and went to the foul line adding two more to their side of the scoreboard 56-44.

Chancey May then hit a nice three-pointer with less than a minute left in the game. Zach Getz finished the scoring for the Pacers by adding a basket for two points and a shot at the foul line. The Rebels also added their own foul shot and bucket ending the game 59-52.

Chancey May was leading scorer for the Pacers with 14 points; Mat Deaton finished with 13; B.J. Shelton added 10 points; and Travis Webster and T.J. Sefton each had four points.

Zach Getz finished with three; and Josh Snow and Ben Hickman each chipped in two.

A big contributor to the loss for Switzerland County came at the freethrow line, where the Pacers were 8-for-14 and the Rebels were 13-for-15.


The junior varsity also lost to the Rebels Tuesday night by a score of 34-24.

Scoring for the junior varsity Pacers was: Jordan Pavy with six points; Cliff Meyer and Kyle Green each had five points; Ryan Peters chipped in three; Aaron Moore and Bryan Levell each had two and Daniel Welch chipped in one.

— Debi Sefton