Ordinances approved will help with grant money for road work


Rising Sun City Council approved several ordinances at its Thursday, Aug. 4th meeting, including Ordinance 2016-15, which will transfer funds from the General Fund to Rainy Day Fund.

The money will help in a matching community crossing grant of $225,000. The 50/50 grant will allow $112,500 in matching funds for reconstruction of Industrial Access Drive

City planner Mike Northcutt reported that Rising Sun was one of 1603 applications from 325 local governments for road funding matching grant available through House Bill 1001. The grant will be used for removal of existing concrete curb and road and install new concrete curb and asphalt road.

Another grant consists of milling and overlay of Williams Street from S. High St. to Walnut Street, Plum street from South High to South Poplar, Elm Street from Main to Fourth Street and crack filling and seal of south front st between first and Williams street.

INDOT will announce the grant awards on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

Northcutt reported that Historic Downtown riverwalk is all but complete except for some seeding problems. There has been a claim by a local property owner regarding damage to their mower deck. The claim has been given to Structure point to resolve with the contractor.

Salary ordinance 2016-10 was approved with a two percent increase for most positions. The increase would be a total estimated at $25,429.70 or less than one percent of the city’s total budget (currently at $4.8 million), according to clerk-treasurer Rae Gipson.

Councilman Bud Radcliff called the a way of showing appreciation and thanks for what they’ve done.

Depository Ordinance 2016-11 was necessary to allow funds to deposited and invested in local banks, MainSource and Friendship State Bank.

Ordinance 2016-12 amends the Revolving Loan fund bylaws which allows no loans for residential, single families, apartments and condominiums. However, council may waive if the apartments or condos are supported by the city or redevelopment commission. This could happen with the Blight Elimination Program future construction.

Ordinance 2016-13 was an additional appropriation totaling $688,244. The amounts included:

Economic Development $25,000; LOIT $30,994; Blight Elimination Program $230,000; Bicentennial Fund $160,000; Law training $3000; Biggest Lose $6500; Medical Center $17,250; City HRA $32,000; LED grant $11,000; Park grants $9000; Main Street grants $25,000; Backpack Food Program $12,000; Comprehensive Plan grant $45,000; Criminal Investigation Fund $3500; Park Security deposit $5000; Heritage Hall deposit $2500; Clerk treasurer district meeting grant $10,000; Police grants $25,000; Pool grants $10,000; Phone grant $25,000.

Ordinance 2016-14 eliminates Ordinance 2013-10 which established a bicentennial fund for the city’s 2015 bicentennial. The balance of $155,628.36 will go to the general fund since the bicentennial fund no longer serves a purpose.

There is bicentennial merchandise still available including t-shirts, lapel pins, coins, travel mugs, caps, glasses, pocket knives, polo shirts, jackets, plates and bicentennial books. The money from future sales will go to the general fund.

School superintendent Branden Roeder was in attendance to ask that the 10 percent of money going to the school endowment be used for the general fund, just as if was a year ago.

Councilman Dennis Williams suggested the funds should go toward debt service (like it had previously been designated prior to the school referendum).

Roeder pointed out that without the supplemental riverboat funds, the school levy would have been more.

Council passed the request 3-1 with Swede Colen, John Rumsey and Radcliff voting in favor with Williams voting against. Councilman Bill Marksberry abstained since he is employed at the school.

The county had approved to do the same last month.

In other business, road closings were approved for this weekend’s regatta. The Colts in Motion display will be set up along Poplar Street near the old NAPA store site.

Jeff Kinnett was in attendance to discuss a complaint filed against his property. He has until Aug. 10th to make progress according to court documents filed.

Mayor Brent Bascom gave an update about discussions with county officials and 911 reimbursement. Bascom said there had been productive initial contact. No final agreement has been made but attorney Andrew Baudendistel hopes a two year inter-local agreement can be worked out.

Donita Valentine was named to the economic development commission.

Sally Beckley was in attendance to request the city’s continued $15,000 per year support for LifeTime Resources.

Thank yous were received from Amy (Truitt) Mattox, 4-Her Ollie Ohlmansiek for trophy sponsorship, 4-H Fair and Brett Weaver expressed thanks for a city sponsored Future Generations Scholarship.