Open Class Exhibits announced for 2017 Switzerland County 4-H Fair


The open class exhibits at the Switzerland County 4-H Fair are always popular with county residents; and rules and guidelines have been announced for those who want to participate in the open class this year.

Open class is open to all Switzerland County residents and any Extension Homemaker Club member who lives in another county and is a member of a club in Switzerland County.

All entries in open class will be due at the Commercial Building on Thursday, July 13th, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Exhibits may not be removed until Saturday, July 15th, between 6-8 p.m.

The 4-H fairboard, Extension Homemakers, and the Extension Service will not be responsible for any article, however, there will be a hostess on duty while the exhibit is open.

Food entries will be judged first, and one slice will be kept for display. The entry may be picked up by the exhibitor by 2 p.m. on Thursday, July 13th.

No entry may have been exhibited at the Switzerland County 4-H Fair before.

For each entry, $1 will be given, compliments of Switzerland County Farm Bureau, Inc.; and multiple ribbons may be given in each class, based on the judge’s decision. All other entries will receive a participation ribbon. The judge’s decision is final.

A Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion will be chosen by the judges. The Grand Champion will go on to the 2017 Indiana State Fair, with the entry fee paid by the Homemakers. Due to cutoff dates and fees, if they choose to place the item in the 2016 Indiana State Fair, the entrant will be responsible for any charges over $30.

Exhibit classes include:

– Arts and Crafts: Christmas and Holiday ornaments; Christmas and Holiday fabric (tablecloths, napkins, coasters, etc.); Christmas and Holiday miscellaneous; Basketry; wreaths/swag; woodworking: any small item, any large item; jewelry; Doll/Toymaking, porcelain/china, cloth, other materials; handbag/carry all: decorated tote bag, miscellaneous; decorated tee-shirt/sweatshirt; wall hanging: painted; embroidered; table arrangements; Beading, jewelry, bead weaving, miscellaneous; youth entries; primitives; and a miscellaneous category.

– Counted Cross Stitch: Class 1: 14 Count and under; Class 2: 16-22 count; Class 3: Special Cloth (linens, etc.); Class 4: Stamped.

– Crocheting: Doilies; Afghan; miscellaneous.

– Canning: Fruit (any kind); tomatoes; green beans; pickles (any kind); relish (pickle, corn, tomato, etc.); pickled foods (beets, etc.); juices (fruit or vegetable); salsa; butter (fruit or vegetable); canned meat; jam (any kind, no paraffin); jelly (no paraffin); preserves; tomato products (ketchup, paste); miscellaneous/other.

The Alltrista Corporation will award Ball Home Canning Products to the best exhibits canned in Ball jars and sealed with Ball two piece vacuum caps in the following classes: fruits, vegetables, pickles and relishes, and jams and jellies.

- Canned food guidelines:

Overall appearance: good proportion of solid to liquid; full pack with proper head space; liquid just covering solid; free of air bubbles; free of imperfections: stems, cores, seeds; good seals; practical pack that is done quickly and easily; no rust on lids or rings; add date processed to jars, one year or less.

Fruits and vegetables: pieces uniform in size and shape; characteristic, uniform color; shape retained, not broke or mushy; proper maturity.

Liquid or Syrup: clear and free from sediment.

– Embroidery: Class 1: Basic embroidery; Class 2: crewel; Class 3: Candle Wicking; Class 4: Smocking; Class 5: Ribbon; Class 6: Machine Embroidery; Class 7: Swedish/monk; Class 8: Tatting/Lace Making; Class 9: Miscellaneous.

– Flowers: (Exhibit in a container proportioned to flower size)

Dahlias; gladiolus; marigold; rose, hybrid tea; zinnia; any full size bloom over three-inches; any full size bloom up to three-inches; coffee cup arrangement; miniature arrangement; large arrangement; miscellaneous.

– Foods: Breads: Loaf yeast bread (no icing); fancy yeast breads (anything added); Quick Bread (pumpkin, etc.) (loaf-uncut); plain rolls (three); muffins (three).

Cakes (No cream/custard filling): uniced, any type; iced cakes, any type; coffee cake; decorated.

Cookies: (Three cookies on a paper plate) Drop; Bar; Decorated cookies; miscellaneous.

Pies: (no custard filled or meringue): one crust pie; double crust pie.

– Fruits and Vegetables: Plate of single vegetable, small (beans, etc., 3-6 on a plate) or large (cabbage, etc., 1 on a plate); plate of mixed vegetables; plate of fruits (berries, melons, etc.).

– Knitting: garments; afghan; miscellaneous.

– Quilting: Class 1: Hand pieced (hand quilted, machine quilted, tacked, and machine/hand classes); Class 2: Machine pieced (hand quilted, machine quilted, tacked, and machine/hand classes); Class 3: Appliqué (machine or hand); Class 4: Baby Quilt (any kind); Class 5: clothing; Class 6: pillow; Class 7: wall hanging; Class 8: novelty (stencil, embroidery, etc. Hand or machine quilted); Class 9: Miscellaneous.

– Painting: oil; acrylic; drawing, pencil, pen and ink; water color; decorative (gourds, etc.); and miscellaneous/other.

– Photography: Pictures matted and framed. No larger than 22″x28″; Black and white, limit four; Color, limit four; miscellaneous.

– Plants: African violets; small potted plant (blooming); small potted plant (not blooming); dish garden; small container herbs; large container herbs; and miscellaneous; Large potted plant (blooming); Large potted plant (non-blooming); and Succulents/Cacti.

- Recyclables: Purses; stockings; adult apparel; children’s apparel; miscellaneous.

– Sewing: Adult apparel; children’s clothing; vest; baby item; jacket; yo yo items; miscellaneous.

– Scrapbooking: At least 1-2 pages, may bring entire book.

– Weaving: Loom; Hand (macramé or caning); hook rugs/wallhanging.

Anyone having questions may contact the extension office at (812) 427-3152.