Ohio County HSE graduates 48 students


The Ohio County HSE (high school equivalency) educational diploma program offered at the Education Center of Rising Sun with Sandra Bowlus, educator, and Debbie Thomason, Director of the Education Center and testing coordinator, were honored to announce that 48 students ranging in age from 16 to 62 years graduated within the 2015-2016 academic year surpassing the previous three school years.

Several of the students also became certified in Comp TIA+, CNA, welding, and CDL certification or licenser through the WORK Indiana program. Many students have chosen to enter post-secondary education at Ivy Tech, Beckfield College, or enlisted with the military. The goal is to encourage the students to continue their education or employment training. With students who graduated this year, over 90 percent are employed.

The Education Center sponsored a graduation ceremony on Thursday, July 28th with Molly Dodge, Director of River Valley Resources, as guest speaker. Many of the graduating students were recipients of the Skill-Up Grant that allowed each to receive free testing and a $250 incentive to complete their diploma requirements.

Those obtaining their High School Equivalency Diploma during 2015-16 were: Corrie Bishop-Dillsboro, Rachael Blankenship-Patriot, Danny Boyd-Rising Sun, Nicholas (Cole) Burns-Rising Sun, Jennifer Claypool-Rising Sun, Sebastian Cole -Rising Sun, Tasha Cone – Rising Sun, William Cordray-Dillsboro, Erica Davis-Ogsood, Alyssa Dearing-Aurora, Jacquelyn DuBose-Rising Sun, Arianna Estridge-Rising Sun, Megan Freeman-Milan, Benjamin Freeman-Milan, Rylee Gardner-Aurora.

Also, Tristan Gray-Rising Sun, Gordon Gridley-Dillsboro, Alexis Guthrie-Aurora, Darrell Henderson-Aurora, Rachel Johnson-Dillsboro, Kevin Johnson-Rising Sun, Trevor Jones-Dillsboro, Patricia Kaiser-Rising Sun, Nathan Kittle-Rising Sun, Tyler Kittle-Patriot, Evan Krall-Osgood, Virginia Latsche-Rising Sun, Keegan Louden-Rising Sun, Jade Lucas-Rising Sun, Autumn Meierle-Aurora, Michael Miller-Rising Sun, Tiffany Morrison-Batesville, Mike Owens-Rising Sun, Michael Russell-Moores Hill, Braiden Schene-Osgood, Austin Slack-Rising Sun, Virginia Sloan-Patriot, Frances Smith-Greendale, Ja’Quise Smith-Vevay, Samantha Storozuk-Aurora, Joseph Wagner-Rising Sun, Samarah Walston-Dillsboro, Jacob Watson-Patriot, Amanda Wells- Milan, Logan White-Rising Sun, Shannon Williams-Moores Hill, Jesse Williams Jr-Moores Hill and Jesse Williams Sr-Moores Hill.

The Education Center of Rising Sun provides a welcoming environment for the learner. Interested students can call 812-438-2437 or email Debbie Thomason at dthomason@occfrisingsun.com or Sandra Bowlus at 812-599-4751 or email sbowlus@occfrisingsun.com. River Valley Resources of Madison is the GED provider for this Ohio County program.