No fault found in prisoner death here


Switzerland County Sheriff Nathan Hughes has received a letter from the Indiana State Police stating that it’s investigation into the death of Kaleen Mohr in August in the Switzerland County jail was not a result of negligence.

First Sergeant Stan Tressler of the Indiana State Police in Versailles wrote to Sheriff Hughes:

“I have reviewed the case reports and video surveillance regarding the investigation of inmate Kaleen Mohr on August 18th, 2007….The event is clearly documented on video and the post mortem examination reports do not indicate any injury or suspicious circumstances.

“The victim had a remarkable medical history that appears to have been the cause of her collapse and later death. I did not see any evidence or indication of any criminal or negligent act regarding this incident.”


Kaleen Mohr, 48, was a resident of Dearborn County who was arrested in Ohio County by the Rising Sun Police Department and then transported to Vevay, where she was held in the Switzerland County jail on Friday night, August 17th.

According to a press release issued by Rising Sun Chief of Police David Hewitt, at the time of her arrest, Kaleen Mohr appeared to be in a high state of intoxication near the Rising Sun Riverfront public landing; and a portable breath test revealed that her blood-alcohol level was .23-percent -nearly three times the legal limit.

Rising Sun police placed her under arrest for public intoxication; and Kaleen Mohr was then turned over to the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department. She was then transported to the Switzerland County jail for incarceration.

On Saturday morning, August 18th, at approximately 9:45 a.m. another inmate found Kaleen Mohr unconscious and having trouble breathing.

Staff of the Switzerland County jail performed CPR, and she was transported to the King’s Daughters’ Hospital by Switzerland County EMS.

Kaleen Mohr passed away a short time later at the hospital.

According to Switzerland County Sheriff Nathan Hughes, Kaleen Mohr was booked into the Switzerland County Detention Center at approximately 11 p.m. Friday night. He said that Kaleen Mohr was placed in a holding tank overnight with another prisoner, who reported nothing unusual when both women woke up on Saturday morning.