New Sheriff Morton looks back at 2018, ahead to new year


As we welcome another new year, I reflect back on 2018 and our office. We had another busy year here at the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office, responding to 6,176 total calls — which include Fire and EMS. Law Enforcement responded to 134 domestic violence calls, 14 burglaries, 313 vehicle crashes, 36 fights, 80 thefts and 583 traffic stops along with several miscellaneous calls.

  There are many responsibilities included in this office and they are constantly growing in our ever-changing world. I must say we are very blessed when it comes to our staff, including our Jailers, 911 Dispatchers, and Deputies. I may be a newly elected Sheriff, but I am no stranger to the job. I am very thankful for the dedicated employees we have as it takes all hands on deck to keep things running. We look forward to 2019 and we are well prepared for the challenges it may bring.

  The relationship we have with citizens is more of an asset than most people realize, and we greatly appreciate it. It truly takes everyone to improve our county. The world of social media is a great tool for Law Enforcement which is why we hope to have a Facebook page in the near future. Another one of our goals is to try and help educate the public on what exactly our jobs entail. I encourage folks to contact me with questions, concerns, and even schedule times where you can come in and spend a little time with us.

  The biggest issue every town, county, city, and state in the country faces is the drug epidemic. We not only have Deputies working on drug investigations but are fortunate enough to also have a dedicated Deputy that works solely on drug cases and is a part of the Ohio Valley Crime Suppression Task Force. The war on drugs knows no boundaries so we are fortunate being directly involved with multiple resources in the tri-state that help make up the Task Force. We will continue the battle on crime and we look forward to working with everyone not only in 2019, but for years to come.

  In closing, I’d like to the thank our retiring Sheriff and Matron Nathan and Donna Hughes for all their years of service.