Nancy Peters re-elected to School Board; Jill Cord, Joey Bennett are new members


There were three members elected to the Switzerland County School Board of Trustees during this election season; with one incumbent winning; one losing; and a third open seat being decided.

Although school board members come from different townships in the county, they are non-political in nature, and are voted on county wide.

Here’s a look at the races:


In the race for the seat representing Craig Township, incumbent Nancy Peters defeated Kenny Briggs, who has served on the school board in the past, by a count of 1,334 to 984.

Nancy Peters won Cotton I precinct 117-90; Craig I precinct 73-46; Craig II precinct 75-53; Jefferson I precinct 165-111; Jefferson II precinct 237-169; Jefferson III precinct 120-84; Pleasant II precinct 94-92; Posey I precinct 85-57; Posey II precinct 117-55; and York precinct 142-103.

Kenny Briggs won Cotton II precinct 69-68; and Pleasant I precinct 55-41.

Nancy Peters will begin her second four-year term on the board on January 1st.


The Jefferson Township seat represents the residents of Jefferson Township who do not live in the town of Vevay.

Longtime teacher/principal/administrator Susan Jill Cord defeated incumbent board member Andy Truitt by a tally of 1,249 to 1,164.

Jill Cord won Cotton I precinct 114-110; Craig I precinct 68-53; Jefferson II precinct 214-210; Jefferson III precinct 120-94; Pleasant I precinct 54-40; Pleasant II precinct 99-91; Posey I precinct 77-76; Posey II precinct 110-71; and York precinct 133-118.

Andy Truitt won Cotton II precinct 76-64; Craig II precinct 68-56; and Jefferson I precinct 157-140.

Jill Cord will begin her first four-year term on the board on January 1st.


The school board seat in Posey Township would see a new member, as current seat holder Laura Schroer opted not to seek election after being selected to fill the post following the retirement of Vern Waltz.

There were two candidates, with Joey Bennett defeating former school board member Laurice See by a vote of 1,512 to 761.

Joey Bennett won all 12 precincts: Cotton I precinct 143-65; Cotton II precinct 90-46; Craig I precinct 74-36; Craig II precinct 68-43; Jefferson I precinct 180-93; Jefferson II precinct 254-146; Jefferson III precinct 130-69; Pleasant I precinct 49-33; Pleasant II precinct 113-62; Posey I precinct 109-45; Posey II precinct 127-54; and York precinct 175-69.

Joey Bennett will begin his first your year.