Murray, Vinup, Morris, Scott take top sports honors


Rising Sun High School held its annual sports banquet on Tuesday, June 7 in the high school cafeteria.

Brady Murray and Tiffany Vinup were named the school’s Most Outstanding male and female athletes while Mitchell Morris and Kinzie Scott took top academic honors.

Seven senior athletes received letter blankets for having earned 11 or more awards. They included:

Kurtis Armstrong- 4 baseball, 4 basketball, 2 golf, 1 cross country.

Tyler Camden- 4 soccer, 4 golf, 3 baseball, 2 basketball.

Claudio Gallegos- 4 soccer, 4 cross country, 4 track.

Brady Murray- 4 basketball, 4 baseball, 4 golf, 1 soccer.

Kelsey Romans-4 volleyball, 4 basketball, 4 cheerleading, 2 softball.

Kinzie Scott- 4 cross country, 4 cheerleading, 4 track, 3 soccer.

Tiffany Vinup- 4 volleyball, 4 basketball, 4 softball.

Jacket awards for those receiving their fifth letter (fourth in one sport) were presented to Kasey Baker, Josh Beyer, Carson Blackwell, Claire Blackwell, Riley Bovard, Chelsea-Brown, Lucy Carrigan, Macy Elliott, Bryant Housemyer, Jessica Koons, Matt Martini, Jake McClellan, Jason McClellan, Claire Poling, Kiersten Pruiett, Kyle See, Jacqueline Stapleton, Brent Turner, Scott Webb, and Derak Woystek.

Individual sport awards included:

Cross country captain- Claudio Gallegos, Kinzie Scott; scoring champ- Zach Martini, Kasey Baker; MVP- Zach Martini, Kinzie Scott.

Volleyball serving award- Jacqueline Stapleton, Offensive MVP- Tiffany Vinup, Defensive MVP- Lucy Carrigan.

Girls soccer captain and offensive MVP- Carson Blackwell; defensive MVP- Sarah Steele and Kinzie Scott.

Boys soccer captain and defensive MVP- Tyler Camden; Offensive MVP- Bryant Housemyer.

Basketball captain- Brady Murray; free throw award- Kurtis Armstrong; MVP- Jake McClellan.

Girls basketball captain- Carson Blackwell; free throw award- Kelsey Romans; MVP- Tiffany Vinup.

Cheerleading captain- Kinzie Scott.

Softball captains- Emily Kendrick, Kelsey Romans, Tiffany Vinup, Alexis Davis; MVP- Tiffany Vinup; batting champ- Baylie Hunter.

Baseball captain- Brady Murray; MVP- Kurtis Armstrong, Brady Murray; batting champ- Brady Murray.

Boys track captain- Claudio Gallegos; scoring champ- Zach Martini; MVP- Trevor Levi.

Girls track captain- Kasey Baker, Kinzie Scott; scoring champ- Lucy Carrigan; MVP- Riley Chipman.

Golf captain- Brady Murray, Aron Walker: Medalist and MVP- Brady Murray and Aron Walker.

First year letter winners included:

Alinna Bennett, Brandon Benning, Sydney Bostic, Jake Bovard, Cody Bruce, Wyatt Buschle, Brayden Bush, Morgan Bush, Sarah Camden, Riley Chipman, Francisco Cerecer, Daniel Daugherty, Melina Evertz, Abigail Fletcher, Trenton Gridley, Danyka Groover, Olivia Gutierrez, Miranda Hall, Prince Harrison, Torress Harrison and Henry Hoffman.

Also, Allee Howlett, Nick Koons, Trevor Levi, Kaleigh Mann, Keira Oser, Jaydin Parsons, Noah Pflum, Lucy Phelps, Kora Powell, Jake Powell, Wesley Rider, Colby Ritter, Mariah Robbins, Allison Steele, Julia Stewart, Emma Sullivan, Brooke Taylor, Cameron Unger, Abby Wallace, Yifan Wang and Brent Webb,

Rising Sun boys won the all-sports trophy for the third straight time in the Ohio River Valley Conference in 2016. The boys and girls combined for the second straight combined ORVC trophy.

All conference members during the year included:

Volleyball- Lucy Carrigan, Kelsey Romans, Tiffany Vinup.

Cross Country- Kasey Baker, Claudio Gallegos, Trevor Levi, Zach Martini.

Soccer- Carson Blackwell, Riley Chipman, Tyler Camden, Angelo Gallegos, Bryant Housemyer.

Boys Basketball- Jake McClellan, Brady Murray, Lucy Carrigan, Tiffany Vinup.

Softball- Sydney Bostic, Tiffany Vinup, Baylie Hunter.

Baseball- Kurtis Armstrong, Mitchell Morris, Brady Murray, Brent Turner.

Track- Kasey Baker, Lucy Carrigan, Riley Chipman, Keira Oser, Derrick Eldridge, Claudio Gallegos, Colton Henry, Andrew Koons, Trevor Levi, Zach Martini.

Golf- Angelo Gallegos, Sam Markland, Brady Murray, Brent Turner, Aron Walker.

In addition to those all conference honors, the ORVC mental attitude award was presented to Emily Kendrick in soccer, Claudio Gallegos in tack and Brady Murray in golf.