MS cross country teams having strong years


On Wednesday, September 14th, the Switzerland County Middle school cross country teams participated in the Scottsburg Invitational.

For the girls, Switzerland County had all seven runners in the top 17 places – which launched them to a team victory.

Individual times were: Alisha Detmer: 13:03; Hallie Archer: 13:04; Gracie White: 13:27; Bri Stow: 13:46; Dakota Richards: 14:02; Carlee Boggs: 14:03; Courtney Higgins: 14:21; Jade Young: 15:30; Macy Collier: 15:45; and Aliya Young: 16:01.

The boys ran a very competitive race as well with many strong times. Finishing times included: Ben Hicks: 11:33; Craig Demaree: 11:47; Peyton Richards: 12:57; Cale Collier: 14:30; Luke Sullivan: 14:34; Jamison Works: 14:58; Michael Young: 14:58; Matthew Young: 15:02; and Ryan Hughes: 15:07.

The next evening, Thursday, September 15th, Switzerland County hosted a home meet against Milan and South Ripley – where the girls team again came away with a victory and many season best times.

Gracie White won the meet with a time of 12:36; followed by Alisha Detmer: 12:41; Hallie Archer: 12:59; Bri Stow: 13:28; Carlee Boggs: 13:36; Dakota Richards: 13:40; Courtney Higgins: 14:00; Amber Detmer: 15:22; Macy Collier: 15:46; Jade Young: 16:10; and Aliya Young: 16:54.

The boys fell by one point, finishing second to South Ripley. Coach Kaulene Green said that even though they did not come away with the team win, almost every runner put up a person best time for the season.

Those times included: Ben Hicks: 11:24; Craig Demaree: 12:09; Peyton Richards: 12:33; Cale Collier: 13:29; Luke Sullivan: 14:13; Jamison Works: 14:30; Matthew Young: 14:32; Ryan Hughes: 14:40; Michael Young: 15:18; Paxton Dickerson: 15:30; and Jaden Perry: 18:17.