MS cross country teams having great year


The Switzerland County Middle School cross country teams competed in the Southwestern Invitational on Thursday, September 1st.

The girls finished strong in second place with some great individual times.

Times for the Lady Pacers included: Alisha Detmer, 13:54; Halle Archer, 14:50; Carlee Boggs, 14:53; Bri Stow, 15:09; Courtney Higgins, 15:30; Dakota Richards, 15:44; and Gracie White, 16:20.

The boys also ran a very impressive race finishing fifth overall with individual times as follows: Ben Hicks, 13:02; Craig Demaree, 13:04; Peyton Richards, 113:40; Luke Sullivan, 15:42; Matthew Young, 15:59; Jamison, Works 16:41 and Cale Collier, 19:54.


On Tuesday, September 6th, both teams ran at Jac-Cen-Del, and once again ran very impressive races.

Individual times for the Lady Pacers were: Alisha Detmer, 14:06; Halle Archer, 15:04; Carlee Boggs, 15:12; Bri Stow, 15:23; Gracie White, 15:50; Courtney Higgins, 15:58; Dakota Richards, 17:02; Serenity Ballard, 17:31; Amber Detmer 19:34; Macy Collier, 19:40; Jade Young, 20:17; Ailya Young, 20:27; Aden Hood, 22:42; and Shannon Harris 23:30.

In the boys race Switzerland County had great times as well, including: Ben Hicks, 13:08; Craig Demaree, 13:11; Peyton Richards, 13:36; Jamison Works, 15:45; Luke Sullivan, 16:36; Matthew Young, 18:05; Michael Young, 18:17; Paxton Dickerson, 19:13; Ryan Hughes, 19:13; and Cale Collier, 19:54.

Kaulene Green is the team’s coach.