Movies coming to Hoosier Theater


The Hoosier Theater is returning to the movies.

Showing them, that is.

The board of the theater, which is located on Ferry Street in Vevay, has announced that it will begin showing motion pictures in the theater. The board will be offering its first movie this Saturday, March 4th, when – in the true spirit of Indiana basketball – ‘Hoosiers’ will be shown beginning at 7 p.m.

“We thought we’d kick off March Madness with ‘Hoosiers’,” Snook said. “March is filled with basketball, so this is the perfect movie to start things off.”

The board also hopes to keep admission fees low enough that families will be able to attend. This Saturday’s showing has an admission charge of $3.

“We hope to kick this off and then hopefully expand it,” Adele Percer Snook, president of the theater board, said. “Maybe during the week we’ll have a matinée, a kids show, maybe a Disney movie or something like that; and then a different night – a weekend night – we might have another kind of movie. Everything’s going to be PG. It’s all going to be family friendly, just like the theater has always been.”

Snook said that after Saturday’s ‘soft opening’, the Grand Opening premiere will be on ‘First Friday,’ Friday, April 7th. The movie being shown for the premiere has not yet been finalized, but the board is confident that it will be something that everyone will enjoy.

Snook said that the company installed the movie screen in the theater last week, and the screen covers the entire width and height of the theater stage – so it should be perfect for movie viewing. The projector sits behind the screen, so everyone should have a great viewing angle.

“It retracts, so it’s not in the way in any way for our primary purpose of showing live theater and live productions,” she said.

“We certainly hope that the community embraces this,” she continued. “This is just one more thing that we able to offer to the community now. We’re really happy about it.”