Middle School wrestlers in Madison meet


On Wednesday, January 24th, the Switzerland County Middle School wrestlers traveled to Madison to compete in a three-way dual meet with the host bears and the Southwestern Rebels.

Coach Mark Jackson said that while the Pacers wrestled very well in certain weight classes, the team showed its youth and inexperience in others.

“We just couldn’t compete, team-wise, as the forfeits at many weight classes did us in for the night,” Jackson said. “But these boys and girls continued to fight with huge hearts when they got the chance to actually wrestle.”

Peyton Richards and Gabe Jackson each went 2-0 on the night during featured bouts. Wyldon Washnock, Joseph Jones and Morgan Ray each went 1-1 in featured matches.

Other Pacer grapplers participating were: Ethan Jones, Nathaniel Beverly and Destiny Garvey.