Middle school soccer team claims two wins


The Switzerland County Middle School soccer team knocked off rival Madison Shawe 5-2 at Pacer Field last week.

The Pacers found the back of the net midway through the first half on a goal by Anthony Dasis. The Hilltoppers answered back shortly afterward, scoring on a corner kick that was deflected into the goal.

Anthony Dasis scored again at the end of the half to make it a 2-1 Pacer advantage at halftime.

The second half began with a score in the first five minutes by Jordan Bledsoe. Anthony Dasis then found the back of the net on a break away to make it a 4-1 lead. The Hilltoppers answered back with a goal of their own on a break away. Anthony Dasis scored the final goal of the game - his fourth of the night – for a final score of 5-2.

The Pacer offense was led by Anthony Dasis with four goals and Jordan Bledsoe with one. Walter Barnes, Josh Yeary and Brady Vorris all had shots on goal. The midfield play was excellent thanks to the work of Bre Ricketts, Chris Morris, Brady Vorris, Moriah McFarland, and Kaitlin Mukadam.

The defense continued its strong play the entire game. Defenders Lensi Parham, Logan Todd, Logan Pike, Steven Craig, and Mickey Turner combined to hold the Hilltoppers to only three shots on goal.

Nathaniel Christerson, and Luke Haskell played one of their best overall games in the contest. Goalkeeper Tim Steinbis had another excellent game although he saw very limited action thanks to the work of our midfielders and defense.

The win marks the first victory over Madison Shawe in four years.


The middle school soccer team then came away with another big conference win by beating the Jac-Cen-Del Eagles 2-0.

The two teams battled windy conditions throughout the game. The first half saw both teams having opportunities to score, but neither team found the net, which resulted in a 0-0 tie at halftime.

Midway through the second half, Jordan Bledsoe scored on a beautiful cross by Anthony Dasis.

Anthony Dasis then scored an insurance goal with eight minutes remaining in the game.

Walter Barnes, and Josh Yeary also had shots on goal in this contest. Anthony Dasis and Josh Yeary had one assist each. Goalkeeper Tim Steinbis had seven saves in the game, including two amazing saves on breakaways for the Eagles that sealed the victory.

The Pacer defense of Logan Todd, Lensi Parham, Steven Craig, Mickey Turner, and Lauren Haskell once again played well and helped to preserve the shutout.

The Pacers were able to control the midfield for a majority of the game thanks to the efforts of Bre Ricketts, Josh Yeary, Kaitlin Mukadam, Moriah McFarland, Brady Vorris, Nathaniel Christerson, and Luke Haskell.